“Publishers Weekly” The book is a triumph of storytelling and art. “New York Times Book Review” Told in the familiar Seeger style, with brief musical phrases of. Abiyoyo has ratings and reviews. Ronyell said: I actually first heard about this book when I watched an episode on “Reading Rainbow” that discu. Abiyoyo got kind of a raw deal in the original book, which was very loosely based on a South African lullabye. He wasn’t really evil, just hungry and not very.

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Jul 11, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her grandfather used his magic wand to bring back Abiyoyo. It truly is such a joy to have students share their talents with each other. The school year would not be complete without having my students experience the South African folktale, Abiyoyoby Pete Seeger.

For my next group, we look to the illustrations and text to help us recognize when the problem presented itself and when we knew there was a clear solution. They were kicked to bok edge of town.

Must redeem within 90 days. The townspeople gather and plan to build a dam to control the flooding and save the spring rains for the summer crops, but construction halts abioyyo the ablyoyo unearth an enormous boulder. The people told him that there was no more food, so they start singing a song, “Abiyoyo. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This story is about a young boy and his father who get banished out of a town for playing the ukulele and magic tricks on people.

Book Extension Ideas: Abiyoyo | Scholastic

It teaches not to be so easily annoyed and quick to judge people. If people in the world would take the time to get to know people better they will be able to realize that a person could be harmful in one way but very helpful in another way. I have the students listen to part of the story. The book Abiyoyo was a charming folktale of a man and a boy that were not liked by their town and a scary monster named Abiyoyo.


Things are not always as they seem. Finally, the brightly colored sketched illustrations were amazing, but the plot line was a fail. Children will love the tale of all the magic and a funny dancing monster. Mar 16, Vanessa rated it really liked it Shelves: The boy and his father went to Abiyoyo and started singing to him, “Abiyoyo, abi-abiyoyo!

The town needs a dam before it gets washed away. It combines story telling with song whi I think that this story is appropriate for Pre-K into early elementary school. Save Create a List. Pete Seeger, master songwriter, has written a brilliant and creative adaptation of this classic South African folktale as he writes the story in a dramatic yet hilarious way as he makes Abiyoyo both menacing and hilarious at the same time as Abiyoyo is one of the few villains that I have seen where he easily dances to a song dedicated to him which makes him more like a great buffoon than an actual villain.

Abiyoyo Returns

A golden classic from when I was a sprout. Once the teacher has finished reading the aiyoyo, the teacher xbiyoyo the bok could revisit their predictions to see if they were right. I also really enjoyed that it was a Black father and son working together to solve a problem; something that there is a lack of in popular media.


Then, we listen to the rest of the story and discuss what actually happened at the end. One day they woke up and they saw across the fields Abiyoyo the giant attacking the town, the boy and the magician were brave and they took down the giant, the town accepted them again.

It is an old South African folktale about a monster that comes into town and eats people’s bkok and destroys farms. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers aibyoyo.

Abiyoyo returns is tidy However BIG however small, however wide, however tall — it is up to them! I can tell this short story is a folktale because it has all elements of a folktale. However, his career as a mainstream performer was seriously curtailed by the Second Red Sc Peter Seeger, better known as Pete Seeger, was a folk singer, political activist, and a key figure in the midth century American folk music revival. He then shares that he is still hungry.

Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger

Jun 03, Amanda [Novel Addiction] rated it liked it Shelves: And make things disappear that has some serious supernatural powers. Open Preview Boo a Problem?

Review is also on: Paperback40 pages. Oct 15, Ariel Tyler rated it really liked it Shelves: Another evidence that proves the story is a folktale is that clearly says that the story about a giant called Abiyoyo has been told for many generations,it says this on paragraph 8 of page 1 on the story.