Editorial Reviews. Review. The New York Times Arguably not since Nancy Friday has Afterburn: A Novel – Kindle edition by Zane. Download it once and read. Read Afterburn by Zane by Zane by Zane for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Blessings, Zane Solitaire: Afterburn 2. Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. -William Wallace From the Journal of Yardley Brown October

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What did you think about this book?

I read this for a book club meeting with my wine group meet-up. Afterburn is about two almost-thirty-year-olds name Rayne and Yardley who find each other after a long series of relationship zwne and woes. Let me just say my vacation was for a week and the book was finished by the time I got back. Sections of this page.


Her heart aches for me and I wish that it afterurn not have to be that way, but there is nothing that I can do to console her when I am a zombie, barely functioning throughout the daily course of life. In fact, she is so physically appealing that Yardley can hardly believe it when he discovers that Rayne is single.

Feb 23, Annalicia Taylor rated it it was amazing. A man is supposed to be tough, the protector. I yearned to make love aftterburn her, to feel her pussy throbbing as it engulfed my dick, but that would have been a selfish act and I have never been a selfish man.


Afterburn by Zane

I loved this book so much I bought it. But a woman can be bisexual as long as it is for the male gaze.

In short, Afterburn tells the story of Rayne, a bank employee, and Yardley a regular frequenter of the bank who embark on a passionate journey. She pulled back slightly and stared at me. Then again, this is a Zane’s book. Hummm, I kind of disagree with that. They want each other, but afraid of rejection.

The author said there was a lesson in that i say not really it was just a messed up ending. Zane mad it seem like Yardley was already falling for her and it was so cute.

So they decided to hook up with other people, but still long for I read this book when I was a teen. This book took me through many paths it had me thinking many things it would always take different direction. But no one ever seems to discuss the protection of the man from pain, from agony, from self-destruction.

It’s about life, zaane gains and its losses, the precious moments, love, love loss, friendships, relationships, and time among other things. It was a beautiful written Love Story. It is a good read if you can ignore some of it flaws. You could tell that they zahe feeling each other. But hangs with his childhood friends still also.


Rayne loved for me to wash her back. Rayne and Yardley ending up together was predictable but the turn of events in the end made the beginning “fluff” worth the read. No one can replace Rayne; not now, not ever. afterbirn

Afterburn | Book by Zane | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

My favorite scene would have to be zanr Yardley and Rayne finally sit down and chat with one another. They both have vy that want them to meet but its on them to realize time is ticking.

She always knew exactly where, and how, to touch me. They have to deal with ex’s, old-passions returning, death and, of course, mommy issues. She is a little bit of a whore, for the simple fact that she threw herself at any man that crossed her path.

Three wonderful children, eight incredible grandchildren. Visit the Help Center – Close X. Feb 22, Kierra added it.

Rayne and Yardley’s struggle to find love in a world gone mad is a timeless struggle that can go wrong for this couple. Jun 26, MountainKitty rated it it was amazing. The expression on her face was one that will be embedded in my memory forever.