An Infamous Marriage. Northumberland, At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is coming home to the wife he barely knows. Wed for. Northumberland, At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is coming home to the wife he barely knows. Wed for mutual convenience. Read “An Infamous Marriage” by Susanna Fraser with Rakuten Kobo. Northumberland, At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is.

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I expect better from a soldier. Jack is a career army officer, while Elizabeth doesn’t want the anxiety of being a soldier’s wife; neither of them really know at first what to make of owning a farm; and then, in the book’s central conflict, they have to figure out together how to feel about and react to the early part of their marriage when Jack had other lovers — not only to the simple fact of this, but to the social consequences of gossip about Jack’s behavior reaching Elizabeth and her neighbors.

Rike Horstmann Review Date: Infamouz also liked that Elizabeth pointed out that she had no right to gloat on her fidelity marrisge she faced no temptation. She never expected fidelity from the husband she knew for only a week, but his scandalous exploits have made her the object of pity infamoks years.

Marriage of convenience MOC. When Jack’s bff dies, he makes a deathbed promise to take care of his wife.

An Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser

The author accomplished almost impossible task — I really wanted the imperfect marriage to succeed. Kelly’s books – love most of them – but not all. His grovel seems more like snivelling. Although he couldn’t keep it in his pants after the marriage, he’s not really a whore. By the end I was very much sold on them as a good married couple wi One word review: She doesn’t expect him to be chaste, though she is. Jack has to earn her trust and luckily for Elizabeth, he takes that to heart.

It’s kind of weird, actually. Share your thoughts with other customers. What the Duke Wants. I truly enjoyed this novel and reading about the path Jack and Elizabeth travel to find one another. He not just feel lust but quite respect her wife, so the plan before that he will bed his wife in the dark room now quite opposite, he mad and impatient to bed his wife.


Lastly Susanha want to note that the Battle of Waterloo and the Duchess of Richmond’s ball on susannz eve play an important part in the conclusion of the novel. While Elizabeth realistically didn’t expect Jack to celibate, as theirs wasn’t a love match, she thought Jack could be discreet and didn’t make a fool of them both.

I thought that the premise of a dying husband asking his wife and his best friend to marry each other was awkwardly set up, but it did the trick of getting Elizabeth and Jack married so we could get on to the meat of the story.

Back home and two years into Jack’s tour in Canada, a spiteful neighbor of Elizabeth’s filled her in on the less than honorable lifestyle Jack was living and Elizabeth was stunned and heartbroken. The Vicar’s Frozen Heart. Still, I marrkage the setting in this part very much indeed, and I also enjoyed the minor characters that play a larger role in that part.

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With the hostilities between England and America finally at an end, Jack is returning to his farm in Northumberland and his wife, Elizabeth. The chemistry between them starts out slow but becomes quite steamy and ribald as both are naturally sensual people who are not shy in infamoua.

But it wasn’t that big a deal when all was said and done.

He cocky arrogant and a little bit pompous for me, but he never directly rude to Elizabeth. Aj Fraser has been writing since the age of 9.

An Infamous Marriage

A lot of marriage-of-convenience plots have the sex start straight away, so that it’s sometimes done in anger and sometimes is the infamouz thing that the couple has in common, and both of those feel uncomfortably nonconsensual to me.

I found not only that refreshing but with both Jack and Elizabeth backgrounds not being connected to the aristocracy and being thrust into a unknown world with Jack being knighted was another great take not seen no where near as much as it should in other HRS. She cleared her throat. After the book, I read some short info about his life.


Susanna Fraser | Historical Romance Author » An Infamous Marriage

The story is extremely good. She knows that her marriage to Jack was the last wish of her dying husband and acknowledges that Jack was just as much frustrated. Especially since he’s been married for 5 years to a woman he barely knows as a result to a pledge made to his dying friend. He is intrigued but has to tread lightly. Because it’s travel, sex, military talk, sex, society parties, sex, walk in the park, sex I very much enjoyed this, although it doesn’t knock The Sergeant’s Lady from the top spot of my faves by this author.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. So when he gets back, expecting her to if not jump for joy, at least welcome him home, he’s needs to think again! His dangerous cowardice he doesn’t recognize until almost too late. Elizabeth had no family to take care of her, and Giles wants his friend to make sure she was secure and safe after his death. Wish I had enjoyed this one a bit more. But, I was intrigued because so many readers seemed to think Jack should have allowances made for his behavior due to the circumstances surrounding his and Elizabeth’s marriage and the fact that it had not been consummated.

A native of Alabama, she never lost her love f In the whole Waterloo section I feel like she really captured how difficult it is for someone in the middle of a huge event to wrap their mind around HOW huge it is and how much it’s really affecting them. But, it needed the dial turning up on pretty much every aspect in order to pass beyond the realm of competent into the land of great.

Less than two weeks after they meet, Jack returns to his army duties in Canada, leaving his marriage unconsummated and his bride to take care of Jack’s invalid mother and the family’s farm. It sounded interesting and emotional and different.