Visser One is the highest rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy. The Yeerk holding this position is answerable only to the Council of Thirteen. There have been two. Visser has ratings and 65 reviews. Ben said: These “Chronicles” special volumes are always a delight. Visser is the story of Visser One, aka Edriss. Visser (Animorphs) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On trial for treason, Edriss explains how she infested a series of.

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This is great as the other side of Marco’s conflict over his Controller mom.

It seems in many ways that she began to understand humans too well and this is what lead to her feelings for her children. I was the twelfth highest-ranking sub-visser. You are crude and emotional. I would take charge of our greatest conquest. I was so conflicted. Got this for my son, who loves the Animorphs series. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The Visitor Kindle Edition. By the way, does anyone else think of Hildy and Essam as one character, and Spacey as a different one altogether?

Both of them want something and they’re both using each other.

Applegate to write Visser? Realizing the phone can work this far underground, she purposely bumps into the Controller and steals her phone. Isn’t that making you feel you better? The narratorial techniques woven into each of the Chronicles are so interesting: This is great as the other side of Marco’s conflict over his Controller mom.

For a while she lies alone in the darkness, thinking the Animorphs will kill her, until she is suddenly put back into Eva’s head.

I’ve addressed this a little in fic, but to me, it wasn’t just a the Yeerks are in love with the Yeerks and the humans are in love with the humans situation.

Marco is wary, but impresses Visser One with his clear thinking and, to her surprise, cold-blooded approach to helping. It was absurd, probably the most unique incident in the history of Yeerks, but to make it even more absurd, they had babies, twins. So small, we Yeerks, compared with the host bodies we take.


The periodic visits to Earth would be explained by that mindset, as it’s keeping an eye on things. Note though, that the punishment for killing minions is the lightest and only non-capital of the four major charges lists.

Cinnamon Bunzuh! – An Animorphs Review Blog: VISSER

Edriss knows this too, which is why it animofphs so reluctant to leave the planet entirely in Esplin’s hands, OR allow the Yeerks to turn to open invasion. Meanwhile, they both know the biggest secret of all: It’s an extreme thriller if you already have a bit of backround with the Animorphs, and the plot goes deeper than you would have ever thought than if you had just read the regular Animorph series.

Eventually Visser Three demands that Edriss is given a live memory dump, so they can view exactly what happened.

It was a simple but very intersting book. And so Edriss dialed Marco’s phone.

Esplin 9466

I knew it had something to do with the trial of visser one and visser three’s attempts to replace her, but I had assumed it would be told from visser three’s perspective given the cover art, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was the story of visser one and includes her original discovery of earth and her rise to the rank of visser one, as well as her trial where visser three is attempting to depose her, all from visser one’s perspective.

She thinks back on how part of the reason she may have chosen Eva as her next host body is the fact that Eva had a husband and child, something that part of her still missed. Ugh, so much foreshadowing! Edriss keeps Eva, not out of any affection or fondness, but to more easily facilitate a return to Earth and subversion of human society if necessary in the future. This has always been one of my favorite books. I wonder how much Eva is.

It is unclear whether the governor was infested by a Yeerk from the Yeerk pool, or the governor was rescued by the Animorphs when they ‘captured’ and starved Temrashwho had been assigned to be the governor’s Yeerk. Especially when Marco punches her in the face. Victory always involves a certain amount of bluff. So I guess it’s more a “Humanity is Infectious” situation than a “Humans are Specials” one ’cause she now understands how humans work but she doesn’t actually become a better And Marco is her present host body’s only son.


If either of them fail, they will be killed; however, both Visser One and Visser Three are released from custody, meaning Edriss and Marco’s mother survive. Do you want my hallucinations? Would have liked more details at the end. And since the two of them were spending so much time with Edriss and Allison, they started falling in love. She’s elated because she no longer has to be tempted by human humanity!!!!!!! With some life experience to go along with it, the issues the book rises are mind-blowing.

You could take me, infest me, and have all of my friends within a few hours. I guess once they have a main source of whatever, they’re set and can continue borrowing technology to steal more stuff and smarts.

Animorphs visser paperback back cover.jpg

Wish I could find that quote now! They’re basically Neolithic hunter-gatherers who have hijacked spaceships.

Animorphx June 9, at 4: But Eva mocks her and warns her that by doing so, all Edriss will succeed in doing is handing over an easy victory to Visser Three that he can then claim as his own. Anonymous June 29, at 1: This is especially true for Visser, which I only read once as a child. Edriss is a clever Yeerk and knows how to manipulate others.

But when asked, he clearly remembers Essam and Edriss and his time as a Controller. Well, the next five, actually except maybe