The next in McCaffrey’s popular Saga of the Talents series (Pegasus in Flight, To Ride Pegasus), this novel follows the adventures of a group of psychically. Editions. Pegasus In Space . Anne McCaffrey · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Hive · Waterstones. Pegasus in Space, is the third and final book in The Talent Series by Anne McCaffrey, this novel is then followed by a continuing series, The Tower and the Hive.

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I would love for McCaffrey to write more adventures with Peter Remlinger. But there are those who, for selfish motives of their own, want Padrugoi and the spxce outposts to fail. As usual, the heroes of McCaffrey’s world are competent to a fault, everyone else is incompetent, if not stupid, and the villains are just competent enough to be bad, but are otherwise stupid. They’re right structurally, because the author says so, rather than necessarily because their arguments are convincing, and they have a bad habit of keeping secrets in order to score points off their opponents.

Works by Anne McCaffrey.

The Talents Saga Series

Anne McCaffrey is one of my ultimate favourite writers and I was not let down in the slightest even with the displeasing narration of her fantastic book. Doona Catteni, or Freedom Petaybee. Apr 20, wychwood rated it it was ok Shelves: Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All stub articles.

Ostensibly it is the story of how Peter Reidinger spacw Federated Telepath and Teleport, but that would have required an actual plot. She was the first woman to win the two top prizes for science fiction writing, the Hugo and Nebula awards. Scenes jump around jerkily: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Even though this is the 3rd book in the Talents series mcxaffrey was the last to be written after the Tower and Hive series was complete. Now she has written the exciting and long-awaited addition to her classic Pegasus series—and the perfect link to her bestselling Rowan saga.


What can I say?

I’m not keen on age-gap relationships anyway though I do accept that they can work in the real world! McCaffrey also has a thing about babies, and women having babies, and large families; again, it’s almost fetishistic at times. Now that magic is back, displayed as breathtakingly as ever in the exciting and long-awa. There is something about the way Ms. Long pages of exposition about minor technical matters, action scenes that are one paragraph long using passive voice.

Mar 16, Greyling54 rated it really liked it. But the road to that future will not be easy.

Pegasus in Space by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

This novel serves as a bridge between mmccaffrey Pegasus and the Tower and Hive books, two Talents sub-series. Other books in the series. And woe to anyone who harms either one of them—for the young girl’s talent may prove to be the most amazing of all. Oct 15, Darryl rated it it zpace amazing. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

With the successful completion of the Padrugoi Space Station, humanity has at last achieved its first large-scale permanent presence in space.

So obviously it didn’t bother me all that much. Then two children are discovered whose extraordinary psychic gifts have the potential to avert the looming catastrophe—or hasten its ominous arrival.

There’s little duller and less compelling than a McCaffrey villain. Rhyssa Owen, the powerful telepath and mother hen to Peter and the rest of her “children”—and a fierce, unrelenting fighter against the prejudice that would deny the Talented the right to lead happy and productive lives.

For an overpopulated Earth whose resources are strained to the breaking point, there is only one place to look for relief: But there are those who, for selfish motives of their own, want Padrugoi and the other outposts to fail.

Pegasus in Space (The Talent, #3) by Anne McCaffrey

What could yet be What science fiction is meant to be. For an overpopulated Earth whose resources are strained to the breaking point, there is only one place to look for relief: Want to Read saving…. Only who is going to save the Talented?


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Standing in their way are the Talented, men and women gifted with extraordinary mental powers that have made them as feared as they are respected—and utterly indispensable to the colonization effort.

I just – squick. There is Peter Reidinger, a teenage paraplegic who happens to be the strongest telekinetic ever, his mind capable of teleporting objects and people thousands of miles in the blink of an eye.

I am glad I went back and read this but I don’t think my understanding of the Tower and the Hive was suffering from not having read the prequels.

Einstein made huge changes to Newton’s basic spsce of the force of gravity. Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book.

This book in particular links together her Talents series with the future Damia books, in a story which didn’t need to get written, which shines no light onto history, nor provides any additional insights into the world.

pegawus I wish I’d waited at least another 12 years to discover how absolutely awful Pegasus In Space. Read it Forward Read it first. Ceara exists for scenery and to give Peter someone to have sex with once the reversal has happened. Already long-range telescopes have identified a number of habitable planets orbiting the stars of distant galaxies.

You almost forget what the start was by the time you get to the end there have been so pegqsus individual situations. It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the two series The Ship Who Sang and the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders of Pern that Ms.

If you’re desperate to read more about Padrugoi Station and Peter, you might give this a try.