: Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan (): Anthony T. Kronman: Books. Joshua Rothman interviews Anthony Kronman, the professor and former Yale Law School dean who wrote the theology book “Confessions of a. Anthony T. Kronman is a Sterling Professor at Yale Law School, where he served as Dean from to In addition to the courses that he teaches at Yale.

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The introduction stated the entire book’s argument in a single sentence. The real theme of that book and also a theme within Gravity’s Rainbow is that the race doesn’t always go to the swiftest or the smartest, but time and chance kronmaan often decide.

Also, since I do like learning and sharing, Nietzsche would say that everything that is wants to maintain what it is and always wants to take that antthony is around it a quick summary of ‘will to power’, but the author really does a good job at explaining this.

The author approaches this serious treatise on the human condition in the Modern Era with skill, courage and insight rarely matched. It’s an exegesis of sorts that I wish I som This is closer to kronamn.

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Aysha Khan marked it as to-read Oct 14, A final book that I read last year that I’ll mention that relates to this book is Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher. Most books that I enjoyed as much as this one turn out to be dense and difficult for me to recommend since they are hard to follow but this one was a pleasant read while at the same time dealing with somewhat complex ideas and was able to tie together most of the books or Great Courses I’ve read or listened to over the last year Please try again later.

That opened my eyes to the value of primary source books on thinking and the nature of being. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The author really doesn’t like ‘nihilism’ and is going to argue that the world is eternal and divine making his ‘born-again’ paganism more than just pantheism and wants to bring back mystery.


From Bacteria to Bach and Back: Rufus King marked it as to-read Oct 14, On one hand, Kronman seems to be writing the holy scriptures of a contemporary secular religion.

The author wants to bring Joy back into the world by taking away kronmab sense of entitlement and giving us Gratitude by re-introducing Pride. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Books by Anthony T. If our powers were themselves infinite, we wouldn’t depend on anything or anyone else. If the world is not God, then the body, which is the essence of our human worldliness, is what tethers us to the world. But they’re not infinite.

Shep Salon rated it really liked it Aug 05, This argument is going to play out through out the middle ages up until Thomas Aquinas and then William of Ockham will try to have the last word on it by disagreeing with Thomas Aquinas by declaring that nothing is necessary for God and the universe must be contingent because God is omnipotent.

Ever since, American life has been punctuated by great outbursts of religious fervor and feeling, almost all of them Christian in character. His solution, therefore, is to retain the values of Christianity without the theology.

Anthony T. Kronman – Wikipedia

Beginning in the early 19th century, there emerged anthpny American literature and philosophical writing a strain of religiosity that can’t be accurately described as Abrahamic at all.

The author at the end of this book makes an apologetic like statement after ‘having taxed the reader’s anfhony with a long and abstract book Write a customer review.

Based off of your work with born-again paganism, what would anthon say the effect of Abrahamic religions has been throughout history? It is a masterwork, and offers deep and persuasive insights into the spiritual anomie we find ourselves in today. Heidegger tries to bring the mystery back into the universe and hearkens back to the Greeks of the Iliad with their ‘truth as disclosure’ and curses the ‘dehumanization of man’ because truth gets equated with ‘correctness’ what the post “Being and Time” Heidegger would call the year mistake.


How We Became a Nation of Heretics.

His focus is of course, largely on the Western Canon with little to know influences from other culturesbut his more contemporary focus is where I found his commentary most interesting. Also, last year I focused on ‘being’ and ‘ethics’ and ‘metaphysics’. This is closer to 3.

Emerson, as an example, is a deeply religious thinker, but not obviously Abrahamic. It is the writing style of a lawyer whose aim is to write with convincing clarity but who is also totally in love with his subject.

The author definitely likes Kant because the author clearly dislikes relativism of any kind, but at the same time the author will show how Kant lacks a proper ‘ground’ when need be, and as a reader of Kant, it’s clear that Kant must create his categories of intuition transcendence in order to escape relativism. The Evolution of Minds.

Anthony T. Kronman

We have to make decisions, we have to make choices, we have to take things from the earth and consume them. View all 4 comments. Only a few people in the world have read it, and it reads more like a legal tome than a theological “confessions” on the way to start a new religion that is pagan but not neo-pagan, ecological but not nature worshipful, and philosophical, not emotional.