Numerous kinds of content repositories are provided these days, some of them are Open source like Apache Jackrabbit while others are still closed source and. You could look also at Silverpeas code. It’s using Jackrabbit with some simple code to create nodes, browse them etc. For example take a look. Readers performing this tutorial have just finished an overview of Apache Jackrabbit and the JCR specifications and are looking for examples.

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To be able to store and remove content we need to create a session with write access, and to do that we need to pass credentials with a username and password to the. Toggle navigation Programmer Vs World. You can participate by answering questions on the mailing list, filing bug reports for any jackrwbbit or improvement ideas you come up with, contributing to the Jackrabbit Wiki, or writing documentation and code.

See the Mailing Lists page if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe the Jackrabbit mailing lists. Jackrabbit architecture and Deployment Models Find out more about the Jackrabbit Architecture or learn more about the Jackrabbit deployment Options be it as an embedded content repository to be delivered with you are application, a shared repository for example in a J2EE environment or a classical content repository server setup.

Tika in Action by Jukka Zitting, Chris Mattmann

You can use the system properties org. Email Required, but never shown. There is a related jackdabbit called Property for managing content properties, but in this example we use the Property interface only indirectly. The Repository interface contains some constants that can be used to query information using this method.


The method removes the entire content subtree, so we only need to remove the topmost “hello” node to get rid of all the content we added before. The larger the system that uses the JCR, the more layers of framework are put on top of the product. Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices. Just enough to get us a repository built.

How to learn using content yutorial and Apache JackRabbit? Thus there is no need for explicit repository shutdown as long as all sessions are properly closed.

If you’re up to it, you can also download the Apache Sling source codes. A Jackrabbit repository with a default configuration will create an admin user when it is first initialized. The core audience is seated in a classroom environment.

Chapter Content management with Apache Jackrabbit – Tika in Action [Book]

Apache Jackrabbit is designed to be included with your project and not an appliance that stands on its own. You can also take a look at the various JCR and Jackrabbit applications to get an idea of what to do with a content repository.

The intent with this lab jxckrabbit the ones that follow is to get everyone comfortable exploring Apache Jackrabbit. Welcome to my world.

Just try to add a new record into the CMS. Removals are first stored in the session-local transient storage, just like added and changed content. A very good entry point for utilities related code examples is JcrUtils. You’ll get a jackrabbih tips on how to use it in a Web application.

Apache Jackrabbit – Starting From Scratch – Programmer Vs World

This means developer decisions on how to access a specific feature may be confusing or provide too many options to them.

What did you do after going through the example page and wiki? The path of a node or property can be retrieved using the Item. The method takes the name or relative path of the node to be added and creates the named node in the transient storage associated with the current session.


Jacktabbit SimpleCredentials constructor follows the JAAS convention of representing the username as a normal String, but the password as a character array, so we need to use the String.


Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or browse the archives of the user and development mailing lists see also the searchable archives at The Mail Archive, Gmane, and Nabble for answers to questions not covered by the documentation pages.

The content in a JCR content repository consists of structured or jackrabbbit data modeled as a hierarchy of nodes with properties that contain the actual data. Now, let’s start with some real code to see how we can create a repository with MongoDB. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This hop has a lot of jackrabhit with the Second Hop example: Typically, content repositories act as the storage engine for larger applications such as a content management system or a document management system. The default Jackrabbit login mechanism accepts only username and password as valid credentials for known users. Now jackrabgit go to the command line and do a mvn compile exec: Dependance upon proprietary databases has changed. The Jackrabbit documentation is a bit all over the place.

The change will be dispatched on save. Node Types To learn about the content modeling system used in Jackrabbit, read the section on node types.