Editorial Reviews. Review. A provocative, clever and radiant line of theology, Sanghi suggests Written by Ashwin Sanghi, a thriller fiction writer, this book showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and lived. Even I read it because of all the hype but to be frank I didn’t like it so much. Of course I can’t deny that the author has put a lot of efforts in writing it by compiling . So, when looking for the next book to read I, as a supporter of Indian authors, dutifully picked out Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Rozabal Line’.

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Book Review: ‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi

His mind was calm, but one could almost hear the humming of the machinery inside his head. Within the labyrinthine recesses of the Vatican, a beautiful assassin swears she will eliminate all who do not believe in her twisted credo. By not assuming the reader as dumb and by letting his readers discuss the hidden connections on forums like these, Sanghi could leave his readers wanting for more. A honeymooning couple from Japan had been on a cruise of the Greek islands at that time.

They had no emotional or spiritual ties to Asahara or asuwin Aum Shinrikyo, and they were now free to do as they pleased. There was no record of any such king having ruled the northwest of India around that time. The Hindu concept of karma was also adopted by other religions, such as Buddhism.

I love her and want her to be happy–but she’s just a child! The goatee and rimless spectacles completed the slightly academic look.


He resembled a man carrying a heavy wooden object on his right shoulder. The same day a Japanese woman had entered the capital, Dushanbe, wearing an Afghan burqa. In Tibet, Buddhist monks search for a reincarnation while in strife-torn Kashmir, a tomb called Rozabal holds the key to an ancient riddle. The victim’s protracted agony could have been brought to an end by breaking his knees, causing the entire pressure to shift to the victim’s chest, ashain in immediate asphyxiation.

Instead, she was gentle, warm, friendly and genuinely concerned for him. I was even more scared because I thought I saw myself in some of the pictures that flashed before my eyes,’ said Vincent.

Pretty much oblivious to Vincent’s reactions, Ted went on, ‘Leviticus Jun 01, Anil Swarup rated it liked it. The landing cards they had filled in on the flight indicated that they were staying for a week at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. rozabsl

But surely that’s nonsense, Nana. He then mastered the art of hypnosis. As a child, Vincent had loved visiting the Central Park Zoo. Thousands of users are looking for advice right now. During these six years she would eagerly await the monthly arrival of one of the jovial and rotund Fathers from Rome.

Many Brahmins and priests have turned against him.

The Rozabal Line

The protagonists of the book fail to register on an emotional level and that is primarily because the novel encompasses centuries and they get only a part of the spotlight.

After reading that book,I am cross with myself for ordering the chanakya chant also. I really regret the time, money and energy spent on reading this book. As an Indian reader, I found the treatment of karma and rebirth a little bizarre. So its a nice book but I’ll not going to recommend this to every reader except The ones who love Theological thrillers: You have to have at least a working knowledge of Christianity to enjoy the book.


I was also aware of the traditional Christians being very similar to the Brahmins of India. It’s about whether Jesus lived in India, or not, and one can roam almost entire world in this b Let sleeping dogs lie. His Eminence began ‘Ohaya gozaimasu. The good doctor had built up a cogent case to prove that Jesus Christ had not died on the cross at all. The Biblical passage of Mark Apr 11, The Muslim invasions made them realise the greatness of Islam!

The issue becomes when every page has at least 5 such references and interludes, that by the time you get back to the main plot, you can hardly remember what had happened to the characters before the author took you down the rabbit hole of his references or interludes.

As you open yourself to these offerings, spiritual energy becomes your teacher and you become more acutely aware of your sixth sense. And while he barely recovers from the monstrous jetlag associated with this whirlwind of a trip, he is flung into the eye of a cyclone in the successive chapters which spins him across the globe from one ashsin to another while simultaneously tossing him back and forth in time over a period of years, leaving him severely disoriented, both spatially and temporally.

Either way its irritating.