How do I run Cadence’s Assura DRC from within AWR’s Design Environment ( AWRDE)? If the command errors or times out, the PC is not connected to the Linux. assura drc rule – Assura Rule deck file – ASSURA to PVS conversion – Assura DRC If necessary, read the assura Physical Verification Command Reference!. I use Assura RCX and need to get extraction output in Spectre fornat but generated See the Assura Command Reference & and User Guide.

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Assuea — Used only for resistance extraction modes; eliminates all parasitic resistors that are less than or equal to the value specified.

RCX-HF will be covered when released in a later version. The disadvantage is the exponential nature of the accumulating netlist data. Hi Friends, I got some error when doing drc using assura: Netlisting Options — Displays netlist controls as provided by the output type.

RCX-HF requires a separate license. We have never touched assura but is seems no drc rule s are provided. Use the field solver when parasitic influences are critical. Its indicating at every NMOS in the design. Assura can not be started. Depending on the problem, your IT department might need to help resolve the issue. Process time will increase sharply. You may find that using selected nets is a good way to minimize the netlist size.


To use the schematic net names, you must first run LVS to generate name mapping between schematic and layout. They are better suited for test structures for field solver comparisons and are not necessary for production level accuracy.

In this example, poly and gate function as in the first example.

However the refwrence or thickness of layers increases, and separations are smaller. Dangling R will merge parallel resistors even if Merge ParallelR is not turned on. Fabrication process specifications, original Assura verification extraction rules and coefficient generation are all necessary parts of RCX library development. Its run time is dependent on the resolution of coefficient points you choose.

This updates the run-time options variables and scripts in the RCX run directory. Self inductors L are placed in series with parasitic resistors.

Assura drc rule file –

Hi all, Please can someone help me with assura to PVS conversion? RCX automatically determines return ocmmand extraction regions using global supplies present in the design.

Does anyone know what the These methods control the quantity and quality of data returned by the extractor. Optionally, you may create symbolic links to protected files in the directory recommended when multiple technology directories or rule sets are used. For the rest, I suggest you write a referdnce e.

The Designer’s Guide Community Forum – Parasitic extraction with Assura

All parasitic resistors extracted the number of which is set by Max Fracture must individually have a greater resistance value extracted than MinR or they will be discarded. Examples are available in the analogLib library: It is possible the recognition shape may not provide an adequate parasitic capacitance mask. It must contain only those elements that will correspond directly to elements in the design layout. This form creates a control file called techRuleSets located in the technology directory: The matrices generated by PEEC are much larger than those generated by the return limited method.


Pin Order File – the name of a file containing the sequential order of pins of any cell in the circuit. If DRC did not complete properly, an error transcript log will appear. Parasitic capacitance will be excluded from extraction wherever the sasura recognition shape is found.

Assura Drc Rule

Then create a config view of the design for use with the Refeeence Editor. All sources and loads are installed in the test fixture. Though not a prerequisite, attending the Assura?

I am unable to clear this one. Certain functions can appear by default while others can be prohibited. Device extraction must include measurement of any device parameters you use in simulation.