Integration with Sentinel, Integrator, Gateway, and PassPort — Learn . Synchrony Database is not supported with Interchange This chapter describes the steps required to install and configure the Axway Synchrony EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Gateway so it can operate correctly . To configure Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the system opens the Axway Synchrony Login.

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Locate the Or pick a task section and click Export this certificate.

In the Select application delivery screen, inteerchange Nameand click Finish. The status of the node changes to Running. Place the mouse over the Trading Configuration icon. This chapter includes instructions on the following topics:. These files should be identical. Create a blank Axway Synchrony instance, if it does not already exist.

Connect to the Axway Synchrony Instance created in Step 2. The first time you perform this task, the system creates tables in the database.

When the System management page opens with the newly created node: Click the Manually create a new community profile option button. JVM argument is not applicable in version 5.


Click the Set up a delivery exchange for picking up messages from partners link. Click the Import the profile information from a file option button. Awxay the Getting started page opens: To start the Axway Synchrony Server: When the system opens the Getting Started window: From the Search results screen, verify that the transmission is in progress by locating the Custom Search section, and click Find until Delivered appears on the screen.

Installing and Configuring EDI Gateway

In the Change this application pickup exchange screen, click the Message attributes tab. Click the Logout button in the upper right corner of the page. When the Getting Started page opens: The status of the node changes to Running.

XML Log on to a client computer. When the Summary page opens.

Click Yes to add a certificate. Go to the following URL: Log in to Axway Synchrony schema and create the following indexes to improve the interface performance between Ysnchrony Interchange and Axway Synchrony:. Sender screen, click the Default delivery exchange link. To test communication for Axway Synchrony Interchange: Click the System Management icon to open the System Management page. When the Search results page opens verify that the transmission is in progress by locating the Custom Search section and clicking Find until Delivered appears on the screen.


Axway Gateway Interchange certified for ebXML messaging interoperability by Drummond Group®

In the View certificate screen, in the General tab, locate gatewag Related task section and click Export this certificate. In the Summary screen, click the Add a Partner to this community link.

In the Getting Started screen, hover the Trading Configuration icon, and select Manage trading configurations from the menu. This synchrpny is entered for both the sender and the receiver, but initially for the sender.