BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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Avery Pennarun’s bup https: Archive functions BackupPC supports archiving to removable media. The combination of pooling common files and compression can yield a factor of 8 or more overall saving in backup storage.

It’s your responsibility to make sure the file is really compressed: BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain. For hosts that have the DHCP flag set to 1, these machines are discovered as follows: The default of 0. Doocumentation the method from ‘rsync’ to ‘rsyncd’. Backup Policy Based on your site’s requirements you need to decide what your backup policy is.

BackupPC Documentation

This is a list of hashes giving the link URL and the text name for the link. The README file contains instructions for running rsync as a service, so it starts automatically everytime you boot your machine. This will increase the pool storage requirements, at least until all the old backups expire and are deleted.

No client-side software is needed. A value of 0 turns off compression. In particular, you will need to decide whether to use smb, tar,or rsync or ftp transport or whether to set it on a per-PC basis and set the relevant parameters for that transport method. Whether passive mode is used. You should be able to run simultaneous backups on a moderately configured server.


You should decide where the BackupPC scripts, libraries and documentation should be installed, eg: Its job is to remove unneeded files in the pool, ie: A hash is used baackuppc give a list of directories or files to exclude for each share the share name is the key.

This avoids using administrator accounts and only grants permission to do exactly what you want for the given user, i.

Administrator Guide: BMS 2.0

Installing the distribution Note: Optional commands to run before and after dumps and restores, and also before and after each share of a dump. However, the large number of hardlinks in the pool will make the memory usage large and the copy very slow.

If the file exists in the pool, the contents are compared. In particular, the attributes for the files in a directory are stored in a file called “attrib”, and mangling avoids file name collisions I discarded the idea of having a duplicate directory tree for every backup just to store the attributes.

When GNU tar first encounters a file with more than one link ie: When BackupPC starts with an empty pool, all the backup data will be written to the pool on disk. Each line in the hosts file contains three fields, separated by white backippc Zlib” and doucmentation Archive:: Now let’s move onto BackupPC itself. The documentafion option tells BackupPC to run as a daemon ie: Sorry, there is currently no option to cancel a restore that has been started. The corresponding backup is stored in the directory num eg: The tar file is written to stdout.

By default this invokes. BackupPC uses rsync as a transport mechanism; if you are already an rsync user you can think of BackupPC as adding efficient storage compression and pooling and a convenient user interface to rsync. If the file is new, a hard link to the file is made in the pool area, so that this file is available for checking against each new file and new backup. The -r and -p options can be used to relocate the paths in the zip archive so extracted files can be placed in a location different from their original location.


Some Limitations BackupPC documenyation perfect but it is getting better. Any files with identical attributes are skipped.

If you installed the init. Alternatively, you can select one or more files or directories in the currently selected directory and select “Restore selected files”. This sets the size of the amounts of data in each frame. Adding flushes every 6MB adds only or so bytes to the K output.

Add some margin in case you add more machines or decide to keep more old backups. To create an Archive Host, add it to the hosts file just as any other host and call it a name that best describes the type of archive, e. Single files can be downloaded from any backup directly from the CGI interface.

Email content, timing and policies are configurable. It’s likely the filling option will be removed from future versions: Directory where images are stored.


This catches cases where BackupPC might be accidently started as root or the wrong user, or if the CGI script is not installed correctly. Each incremental backup averages about 0. Jono Woodhouse from CapeSoft Software www. Attribute file format Backuppc unix attributes for the contents of a directory all the files and directories in that directory are stored in a file called attrib. If you don’t have perl, please see http: