Yerlikaya, İlhan, Basiret Gazetesi [The Newspaper Basiret] (Van, ), pp. , [in Turkish]. 5. ‛Osmalılık sıfatı’ [Ottoman Traits], Basiret , 12 Rebiyülahir. Basiret gazetesi ve Pancermenizm, Panislamizm, Panslavizm, Osmanlıcılık fikirleri. Front Cover. İlhan Yerlikaya. Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi, Fen-Edebiyat. Yıldız şeytanı: Yıldız şeytanının icraat-ı melunesi. Front Cover. Ali (Basiret gazetesi sahibi.) publisher not identified, – Turkey – 13 pages.

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On the one hand, public opinion gradually turned against the blind Westernization policies of the successive administrations.

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My primary purpose is to shed light on the Turkish popular press, gazetdsi weighed in on the issues of nationalism, defeat and political gazrtesi just as its Russian counterparts did. For the first time, the post-war Ottoman government was confronted with a newly emerging political entity in the form of a gazetei whose perception of modernity, progress, and religion differed greatly from that of Abdulhamid II.

It was only when the number of Russian casualties drastically increased, following several failed attempts to storm Plevna, that Golos realized the importance of war-correspondence. Russian and Ottoman Newspapers in the War of Kultur ve Turizm Bakanligi, The battles had often turned into an endgame between the irregular forces of the warring parties.

The attempted coup inwhich was directed by one of the leading Ottoman intellectuals, Ali Suavi, indicates the embodiment of this new awakening.

Gazetesj to their Russian counter- parts, the newspapers of the Porte reexamined previous models of Westernization and sought to identify what went wrong in the Tanzimat period — Promoting the usage of newspapers provided a steady flow of ideas, and a bottom-up national demand for rejuvenation.

In its first issue on 1 JanuaryKraevskii announced that the primary objective of Golos would be to publicize news in a manner of strict factual objectivity instead of propagating personal opinions or predilections.


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O yllarda, stanbulda gazete Topics: Although 8 Golos, 1 Januaryno. Alekseev, Ocherki po istorii Russkoi zhurnalistiki i kritiki, 2 vols. Until the fall of Plevna, Basiret confined its coverage to a sensational journalistic style focused on the behavior of the troops and on the atrocities committed by the Russians in the Muslim villages.

Official Documents October Just like Alexander II, on the other hand, Abdulhamid II tried to stifle the emerging nationalist discourse while simultaneously attempting to co-opt it to deter fur- ther secessions.

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Pan-Slavist newspapers created new symbols of national unity, and gradually replaced the old ones — those of the Tsar and the Church — after the Berlin Congress. Princeton University Press, ; and Mark D. Every so often they came across references in the papers or heard bazaar rumors about deteriorating relations, which were taken by them to be the end of their antici- pation.

Gazenkampf, who was present at the San Stefano negotiations, wrote: Likewise, Golos provided the Russian public with a different view of the enemy, the outer world, and itself.

Izdatelstvo Leningradskogo Universiteta,2: Gazenkampf, Moi dnevnik —78 gg. Due to its geopolitical location, the tiny Bulgarian town of Plevna became front-page news in most European cities.

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Ultimately, this article argues that the emergence of a critically debating public sphere in Russia and Turkey demonstrates how both empires experienced modernity in the sense that most Europeans understood it.

The expansion of an Ottoman newspaper-consuming mass public after the Russo-Turkish War of — was made possible through Basiret and its 45 Karpat, Politicization of Islam, The Turkish commander, Ahmet Muhtar Pasha, after suffering several defeats in the Caucasus, surrendered three major cities — Kars, Ardahan and Batumi — closing the war at the eastern front.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. During that year and the following winter, while negotiations were taking place to disentangle the Eastern Question, a disturbing ambiguity haunted the awaiting Russian soldiers at the Caucasian front. In many respects, the War of — thus became yet another Russo-Turkish conflict with two losers.

I will focus on such major themes as perceived images of the enemy, the emergence of national interests wedged between the Eastern question and strong resentments towards England, as well as a growing public criticism against the decisions of the ruling elite.

Abdlha mit dnemlerinde yaam bir gaze teci. Yil Universitesi,6.

Wartime Propaganda and the Legacies of Defeat: It was the western front which had thus far drawn most of the attention. Degisim Surecinde Osmanli Imparatorlugu, ed.

Remember me on this computer. Oxford University Press, gazetsi,