Westpoint 2 Burner. Westpoint 2 BBQ Burner – Outback & Blooma. Add to WishList Stainless Steel Heat Plate for Blooma. Add to WishList. Buy Genuine BBQ and Gas Grill Parts for Blooma WESTPOINT. It’s Easy to Repair your BBQ and Gas Grill. 4 Parts for this Model. ✓ Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams. Brand new Blooma 2 burner BBQ still strapped In box. We were given a Webber BBQ by family shortly after buying this one so it was never needed. Very highly.

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The pad of this scrubber brush gives it a 3. These convenient skewers hold food easily and securely, preventing spinning on the grill for your cooking convenience.

Stainless Steel Skewers 4pc Pack. Fill the drawer with soaked wood chips and water, stock, or other flavorings, and it’ll infuse your meat with that perfect campfire taste while it cooks on a normal gas grill.

Essential for gas grills. Two mesh pads, short handle. Reusable metal kabob skewers westloint handy to have when kabobs are on the menu frequently. Stainless Steel Brush with Plastic Handle.


Merlot Westpount Soaked Oakwood Chips. Stainless Plank Saver with Side Handles. Just fill up the bottom with newspaper, the top with charcoal, and it lights itself! Charcoal Companion Scrubber Refills. Non-stick and stainless steel long smoker boxes are Shop by phone 1 Cedar Wood Grilling Planks, Set of 3. Short smoker box is 6 in.

The two-prong bamboo skewers, inspired by Japanese yakitori parlors, keep cubes of meat, seafood bloma vegetables from spinning hlooma so you can grill your kebabs on both sides without slippage. Rear edge stop for turning food. The stylish Compact Grill Brush with Rosewood Handle has an ergonomic curved handle with stainless steel rivets and bolster. Our plancha gives foods a crusty smoky sear while keeping them succulent on the inside.

This technique is used by many of the top restaurants in the country. Stainless steel heads, bold red plastic handles.

Set of ten Inch x.

* Blooma Westpoint 2 burner gas BBQ (Brand new still sealed in box) !

Argentineans call it la champa. Charcoal Companion Nonstick Taco Rack. Compact Rosewood Handle Grill Brush. Long smoker box is Angled handles allow a secure grip even while wearing mitts.


Two-piece cast iron box with vented lid holds water or any other liquid to add humidity to grilling, resulting in the juiciest, most flavorful grilled meat ever. This plate is sourced from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas.


Big Head Spatula, Rosewood Handle, 20″. One of our Customer Service Representatives can help. All smoker boxes have hinged lids. This positions the wood smoke right beneath the food grate for the most intense smoke flavor.

Platinum Inch Square Wok.

Two racks in one! Sausages stay in place and won’t roll around on the grill or fall into the fire. Patio Furniture Lawn Furniture Gazebos.