The Zhouyi cantong qi JUMrHfp]^ (“Token of the Agreement of the Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”) illustrates another facet of the links between. The Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 “Token for the agreement of the Three according to the Book of Changes”, shortly called Cantongqi, is the most important. To Yoshiko Contents Preface, ix Introduction, 1 The Title of the Cantong qi, 2 A At least thirty-eight commentaries to the Cantong qi written through the end of.

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With regard to the second type of relation, spring and summer, respectively associated with Wood and Fire, exemplify two different states of the Yang principle the same it true, therefore, of Jupiter and Mars, the liver and the heart, and so forth. Complying with their natures and qualities, Qian gives forth the Essence that generates life, and entrusts it to Kun; Kun receives the Essence of Qian, and brings creation to achievement.

The Seal of the Unity of the Three

Originally fifth century bce? Similarly, the Water of pure yang in the xiantian is substituted by yin Water and yang Metal in the houtian.

His account of its origin and history is masterly. It does not surprise, therefore, that the Cantong qi explicitly advises against meditation on the inner gods See, for example, the introduction to his Cosmologie et divination dans la Chine ancienne. Apparatus, Theories and Gifts, MeditationNei Gong.

The main subjects of the cosmological portions of the Cantong qi are the following references are to the numbers of sections: He poured some of the elixir into the mouths of the dead disciple and the dog, and they also revived. Other cantpng pairs, like ruler and minister, father and son, husband and wife, Yin and Yang are likewise to be found in the creative process of alchemy, expressed by the arrangement of the tools, the various ingredients, the time, tempering and the chemical cajtong of materials.

When Kan and Li join one another, the active and the passive principles return to the original state of indistinction. The Taoist Canon Daozang of contains the following commentaries to the standard text:. Being permanently joined to one another in the precosmic domain, Qian entrusts its creative power to Kun, and Kun brings creation to accomplishment.


Davis first translated the Cantong qi.

Their tortuous routes run against the Yellow Emperor and the Old Master, their winding courses oppose the Nine Capitals. Coomaraswamy, Time and Eternity, 1 5 As Anna Seidel has shown in her “Imperial Treasures and Taoist Sacraments,” the remnants of the corpus of writings known as weishu Hit, or apocrypha, hold keys for a more accurate understanding of the history and doctrines of Taoism in Han and later times. In a different but related function, moreover, the five agents make it possible to classify items belonging to different sets—directions of space, segments of time cycles, numbers, colors, planets, minerals, and organs of the human body, to mention only the sets used in the Cantong qi—into five emblematic categories, in order to show the relations that occur among items belonging to the same category and among those that belong to different categories.

The Cantong qi is deemed to be the earliest book on alchemy in China. In the traditional Chinese weight system, 16 ounces liang correspond to one pound jin. The joining of essence and substance, or male and female, is in the first place a return to the state of Unity of Qian and Kun. When the five agents wuxing are used to represent the alchemical process, the basic configuration is the same.

When they tested it on a dog, the dog died. Among the emblems of the Book of Changes, this principle is represented by the solid Yang line contained within Kan Waterwhich originally belongs to Qian.

Alchemy seeks the principle that gives birth to, and is hidden within, the manifest cosmos. This reading takes account of a point that is reflected in the title of the Cantong qi, is stated more than once in its verses, and is often discussed by its commentators, including some of those associated with Neidan: It illustrates several sets of cosmological emblems used in the Cantong qi, with explanatory notes.

Cantong qi – Wikipedia

The edited text is transcribed on pp. Therefore, Wei Boyang compiled his 3 juan “scrolls” long book in order to describe the right way to acheive caantong. To answer this question, we must first look closer at the identities of the three masters who, according to tradition, were involved in the creation and the early transmission of the Cantong qi.


Taking this point into account, the final paragraph in the Shenxian zhuan ‘s account may have been added at a later time to further the second view. With an abrupt change in tone and language, the account ends with a final paragraph, which mentions Wei Boyang’s authorship of the Cantong qi and of another work entitled The Five Categories Wu xiangleicriticizing at the same time those who read the Cantong qi as a work concerned with cosmology instead of alchemy.

Each chapter is dedicated to cantont of these traditions, caantong they can never clearly separated: Anony- mous Neidan commentary, dating from after According to this qii translated below, p. According to this record trans.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Cantong qi itself uses the word can with this meaning in one of its verses It is enough to read that section with attention to notice that the criticism is not addressed to Waidan per se, but to the Waidan methods that are not based on the conjunction of lead and mercury.

More important than any attempt to establish a precise date, however, is the fact that, in light of what we have seen, Wei Boyang is much more than a semi-legendary alchemist who lived in the mid- second century.

While Wei Boyang was a iq alchemist, Xu Congshi and Chunyu Shutong were representatives of the cosmological traditions of northern China. In one of them he names the twelve hexagrams in sets of. His first pill killed a dog.

First, the unbroken line stands for the One before its separation into the complementary principles. Great indeed is Qian, the Origin! In waidan as well time is brought back to its origin by recreating within the crucible conditions similar to those prevailing before manifestation. The first series emphasizes stages of cyclical Pages are omitted from this Sample www.

Cantonf in to annotate.