The CCIE lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to. Certifications > CCIE Routing & Switching > Written Exam > Study Material. Cisco CCIE Lab Builder – Hour, Month Subscription – US$ ($2 per.

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Roger please guide us. Tell me importance of lab test for ccie.

How not to pass the CCIE Lab Exam in R&S V5

They might even be primary family caregivers along with working in networking. June — Re-certify the written exam again as I was unable to book the lab exam as it had expired — Again!

As the version had changed from V4 to V5 I took my time coming up to speed with all the new technologies that were in the lab, the main difference was DMVPN which was a new area for me. May — Third attempt in Brussels, I paid for this last few days of Version 4.

Curious if the study process or method changed since I failed again better with time management, passed TS and failed config. Once you have all these in place you just need a plan and a timeline.

I am will not be going for the CCIE because of other personal projects. This is a story of persistence and no quit. Conclusion The reason my journey took so long was purely that I did not put in the time required before I went to the exam, I also had some delays due to financial reasons.

Has it made me a better engineer? Yes, the lab exam is a mandatory part of the CCIE certification. Have been reading your blogs for a while too. Time Money Disco understanding family Time: Does this plan is too short to take the lab? But what it really comes down to is you and the CLI — focus on the technology, no distractions, and you will get there.


I was back on track. Studying for this exam is going to take a lot of your time so be prepared to put aside your social life for a good few months and dedicate your evenings and weekends to the command line.

Kirk Byer created a python script netmiko to connect to Cisco and networking devices. Curious if anyone is about to sit for the lab early or have recently?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The reason my journey took so long was purely that I did swwitching put in the time required before I went to the exam, I also had some delays due to financial reasons.

Is it mandatory part of switchlng Definitely hard to fit in studying between work rouuting family. August — Fifth attempt — I passed — Ans had really got on top of all the areas of TS that had caused me problems before and felt really on top of the exam finished with over an hour to spare which gave me plenty of time to verify. December — Second attempt, mobile lab in London I paid for this I failed, better technically but ran out of time in both TS and config.

Correct, Cisco will only issue certificates when both the written and lab exams are passed. Next ensure you have the funds for at least 2 attempts as if you fail the swithing time you will want to go back within 30 days and not worry about paying for it.

How not to Pass the CCIE LAB Exam – Routing & Switching V5

Csico want to know importance of lab test. Certainly yes, I have learnt a lot and in more depth than if I had just passed the first time around. With others in your life they need to be on board with what you are doing. I was very close to passing my Lab yesterday and even though I knew I had enough time, got stuck in one section in the Config that had me bogged down aand loose substantial amount of time — which sapped away my validation times and that surely got me in the end.

  ASTM D4833 PDF

There are actually women studying for the CCIE.

I am going to take a few weeks of study and then I need to pick up on some other vendor certs that I need to pickup mainly around F5, Riverbed and SDN I am also going to start learning Python. Inspiring indeed, you have really hit a nerve and I am going for it. At this point my understanding wife said wwitching is enough this is costing us too much switchinh you have to stop now.

Would I do things differently for the next one? Cisco will issue certificates only when both lab and written test are passed? April — First attempt in Brussels my previous employer paid for this I failed, ccir nowhere near ready and should not have even gone to the lab.

I also know a husband and wife who were both going for the CCIE and she passed first! When I say the method I chose — it was not a conscious decision but more of the path that I ended up taking. Thanks for the response Roger. Thank you Roger for this article.