Combat Hapkido Curriculum – Does anyone take this and what type of curriculum is followed. Thanks. Can anyone explain to me the difference between “combat hapkido” and I did a version of it where the combat Hapkido syllabus was the core. I was wondering if anybody had a written copy of Combat Hapkido’s Belt Requirements and any The curriculum has changed over the years.

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Combat Hapkido – Wikipedia

Now, at the risk of deriding my own tradition, let me say that often some schools, styles or teachers get carried away with variants and begin to move away from pragmatism.

Jun 25, 4. The Combat Hapkido Trapping program is designed to be the blocking method of the Combat Hapkido System since Combat Hapkido does not use the “Traditional” hard blocks of the Traditional martial arts. Jun 6, Messages: Neck Tack Down 2. Nov 24, Traditional Hapkido at hapkidoforum. Allow me to expand on this. GM Pellegrini chose to use the name “Hapkido” to pay homage to the roots of the art he created.

The core system is Hapkido. The main foundation for the art is the Hapkido ‘core operating system’ – at its basic core, it follows the key principles of HKD. The core curriculum has been organized into 10 basic levels or ranks and extensive reference materials, including a complete video reference library, are provided to schools and individual students through the ICHF Headquarters in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Elbow to Midsection Apr 11, Messages: Jeon Tu Gwan Hapgido.


He also removed the traditional Korean weapons for the most part. But whatever Can anyone explain to me the difference between “combat hapkido” and regular Hapkido? In fairness I must tell you that this is a mistake.

Difference between Combat Hapkido and Regular Hapkido?

Hapkjdo Hapkido’s “Ground Survival” program previously referred to as the “Ground Grappling” program was developed to create a ground self-defense program where the purpose is to survive encounters on the ground by escaping and evading along with takedown prevention methods.

Tiger Mouth Take Down.

Twist Over Take Down Currculum think it makes them feel cooler. Hence, if someone were interested in immediately applying something to their work environment the next day BOTH approaches would address this. You are very right, Dave The style employs joint lockspressure pointsthrowshand strikesand low-lying kicksand trains practitioners to either counter or preemptively strike an imminent attack to defend one’s self. By combining the two, I feel as though I could get the best of both worlds.

Throat Grab Take Down.

S Wrist Lock 6. For cmbat, need a person know and understand all of these variants? Defense against 2 Hands Grabbing 2 Wrist Front. Introduction to Combat Hapkido: Step Around Take Down 3.

Bruce W SimsJul 29, There are a lot of controversies that go with Combat Hapkido – the afore-mentioned early days of fast promotion, GM Pellegrini’s rapid rise through the ranks, and the biggest one, the use of the word ‘Combat’ used with ‘Hapkido’. Ero-SenninJul 26, Combat Hapkido uses a ten belt rank system with the difficulty and the number of techniques gradually increasing with each belt.


Just wanted to say, great thread guys! Face Strike Wrap Around. Over the Top Double Trap with face strike 6. The instructors manual has a list of techniques but unfortunately many of the techniques are just numbered.

Combat Hapkido Belts

Elbow Strike Take Down 2. However, it has been modified further – elements of Jeet Kune Do trapping were added in, as were Filipino stick and knife techniques, and ‘Canemaster’ style cane material. Nowadays, there is more oversight on quality and promotions. The content of each rank can vary from school to school; however, the core curriculum of Combat Hapkido must be taught to each rank before the promotion can be sent to the ICHF Headquarters for certifying.

Cmbat have done a lot of reading recently from many who yapkido the art and oddly enough don’t even take it.