View and Download HP Compaq b maintenance and service manual online . Notebook PC. Compaq b Laptop pdf manual download. Also for. HP Compaq b Notebook PC and HP Compaq b Notebook PC – Maintenance and Service Guide. b – Notebook PC Laptop pdf manual download. Compaq b – Notebook PC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Compaq b – Notebook PC User Manual.

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Disconnect the fingerprint reader board cable 2 from the system board.

Remove the six Phillips PM2. Remove all screws 1 that secure the display panel assembly to the display enclosure. TouchPad board Description For use only with computer models equipped with a fingerprint reader includes a TouchPad bracket and a fingerprint reader board and cable For use only with computer models not equipped with a fingerprint reader includes a TouchPad bracket Page 92 Remove the TouchPad board: The image includes the Windows operating system and software programs installed at the factory.

Due to the adhesive quality of the thermal material located between the heat sink and system board components, it may be necessary to move mamual heat sink from side to side to detach Chapter 4 Removal and replacement procedures Page 74 Remove the keyboard: The fan is controlled by a temperature sensor and is designed to turn on automatically when high temperature conditions exist.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) b user manual – – Solve your problem

Reverse this procedure to install the rear cover. Battery release latch Releases the battery from the battery bay.

Speaker Speaker Description Spare part number Speaker Before removing the speaker, follow these steps: Any warranty support needed would be completed by the third party that sold the product. Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to HP Hewlett-Packard b.


Availability of the options above varies by computer model. Don’t show me this message again. Remove the optical drive bracket 2.


Page 45 The modem module spare part kits do not include a modem module cable. Remove the display bezel 3.

To properly ventilate the computer, allow at least a 7. Remove the display hinges 2.

Remove the SIM connector board 2 by sliding it forward, and then lifting it out of the base enclosure. Remove the modem module cable: Buttons, switches, and fingerprint reader Item Component Function Fingerprint reader select models only Allows a fingerprint logon to Windows, instead of a password logon.

Installing uefi-based microsoft windows vista sp1 x64 on hp elitebook and compaq notebook pcs 8 pages.

HP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC User Guides

Windows logo key Displays the Windows Start menu. The onlywarranties for HP products and services areset forth in the manuql warranty statementsaccompanying such products and services. Remove the heat sink: Obtaining Microsoft Device Drivers Page 8 The following list describes the factory setting for boot order in which drive letters A and C are assignedwhen MultiBoot is disabled. Manuwl and transporting guidelines Follow these grounding guidelines when packaging and transporting equipment: Cables must be handled with extreme care to avoid damage.

This is an alphanumeric identifier that is unique to each product.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) 6530b user manual

Disconnect the microphone extension cable 2 from the audio board. Release the inverter 1 from the display enclosure as far as the display panel cable and backlight cable allow. Loosen the two Phillips PM2. Description For use only with HP Compaq b computer models For use only with HP Compaq b computer models Before removing the display inverter, follow these steps: Remove the two Phillips PM2.


Page 79 Remove the fan 3. Compqa the rear edge of the top cover and swing it up and forward until it rests at an angle.

System boards include system board bracket, system board, and replacement thermal material: Accessory battery connector Connects an optional accessory battery. Steps 5 through 8 apply only to HP Compaq b computer models. Page Display cimpaq see Display assembly on page Top cover see Top cover on page Remove the rear cover: Sim Connector Board Remove the rear cover 2 by lifting it straight up.

Page 12 Setting a new boot order in Computer SetupTo start Computer Setup and set a boot device order that the computer uses each time it is turned onor restarted, follow these steps: Release the zero insertion force ZIF connector 1 to which the keyboard cable is attached, and disconnect the keyboard cable 2 from the system board.

Page 94 Remove the three Phillips Coompaq. Improper cable placement can damage the computer. Page Where used: Remove the modem module cable: The WLAN antenna transceivers are attached to the display enclosure with double-sided tape.