Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than superstition. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fritz Leiber is considered one of science fiction’s legends. Author of a prodigious number of stories and novels, many of. Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than.

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Since this book was published in the 50’s, I guess that type of thing is par This was a fun novel about a witch.

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lieber If he had ever wondered about Tansy and superstitions at all, it had only been to decide, with a touch of self-congratulation, that for a woman she was almost oddly free from irrationality p. Saylor learns to respect his wife’s power and even to master enough of it to save her life. A solid occult type horror book from Leiber.

Showing of 31 reviews. What else could you expect us to be? Most of the novel is spent with Norman trying to built rational explanations and scientific theories for the irrational, until he is forced to act according to the laws of the occult in order to save his wife from attacks by other witches.

The story is still suspenseful and even frightening enough at times to be worth a read.

For a while you understand it, but when it goes on for as long as it does, it got a bit tedious. Early on in the novel, Saylor discovers that his wife Tansy has been attempting to practice magic. It doesn’t seem to be magic. Of course once can always call Leiber out for wasting opportunities, but I think the lack of thematic ambition is enough to at least take the portrayal of women with a grain of salt.

He describes his wife as “his most prized possession” and, for reasons that are unclear, has chosen to snoop on her and look through her closet and private possessions. Notify me of new posts via email.


Lieber’s story of witchcraft at a small university is exciting and claustrophobic, and the black magic believably wrought.

The roiling fires of barbarism beneath the surface of civility. This game was so popular with my freshman roommate in college that, when he got phone calls or visitors while he was out, we simply responded: It’s beautifully subtle in the slow building of menace and fear, and the ideas about society seem to be relevant today in how men and women and spouses relate to and view each other.

It is a Stepford Wives in reverse where the dutiful wives secretly promote their husbands’ career and battle with themselves through any supernatural means necessary. I recommend it to fans of the slow burn style of supernatural horror, who are willing to overlook the hopefully outdated viewpoints and plan to take the time to think about the story once they close the book.

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Conjure Wife: Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine: : Books

However, his wifd Tansy does, and has been, unknown to Norman, putting up protective magical shields to keep Norman safe from frtz trio of women who see him as a threat to their own interests. This one is just better “story-telling”. He believes that magic wif just a product of superstition — in short he doesn’t believe in it. Norman Saylor’s comfortably ordered and scientific mind is under assault from the get go.

Still, it’s clear what a major influence Conjure Wife has had within the genre; one could probably have fun following the trail from “Bewitched” to The Croning.

I had to put aside my irritation at sentences like that one, and my dislike for adverb abuse. On the horror level, the truly heinous and scary nature of witchcraft used as a tool for power and control is enough to send a shiver down my spine. The leibef high residual stress within the drop gives rise to unusual qualities, such as the ability to withstand a blow from a hammer on the bulbous end without breaking, while the drop will disintegrate explosively if the tail end is even slightly damaged.


Quotes from Conjure Wife. Leibed all the men did have a tendency to view their spouses through a skewed lens, not realizing just how much power the women truly had in their lives and over them.

Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber

T he White Hotel by D. He retreats into depression and alcohol and lashes out in frustration at those around him. I read this book initially as a young child, and was terribly impressed. It is pathetic to watch him, even though he believes in the reality of the magic, attempt to sell himself on the idea that everything that is going on is explainable by scientific, psychological, or medical causes. Conjure Wife has inspired three films already: A literate writer, indeed.

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The M agicians by L ev Grossman Week Saylor’s colleagues, and their wives, are all fully realized characters. When she disappears one morning, how is it possible for Norman to receive a letter All women are witches. We are able to hear Norman tell the story from his point of view and in his own words and roll our eyes wondering if this pig-headed snob is EVER going to open his eyes to what is happening around him.

Write a customer review. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. But it was interesting to see the world through Norman’s eyes, especially when he filtered everything through the rules of science.