Rem Koolhaas: Delirious New York: A Retrospective Manifesto for Manhattan ( ). A précis by Emma Watson Delirious New York: A. Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in print in a newly designed edition, this influential cultural. by. Rem Koolhaas. · Rating details · 2, ratings · 91 reviews. Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in.

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Manuel de Sola Morales. The book describes several architectural responses to these constrictions. He traces the cultural development of the city in regard to architecture, this is not a simultaneous history of New York. A small dose of laughing gas would put the 6, visitors in a euphoric mood, hyper-receptive to the activity on stage. It’s tork the re, so it’s not exactly up to date, and the writing style lives up to it’s “delirious” title sometimes. Manhattan’s collective experiment in urbanism is controlled chaos.

Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Mar 06, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: His anti-Manhattanism created a Horizontal skyscraper and a Radiant City 5 as a better urban alternatives. Paperbackpages. The book greatly conveys the feel of unrealistic, almost derilic process of development of “the greatest city on earth”. Feb 10, Julia Mihhailova rated it it was amazing. I’ll take my copy from the shelf, begin flipping through it, become entranced by its riches and its eccentricities, and end up reading it, or at least wandering through it, again.

By separating the internal and external, the monolith of the skyscraper spared the outside world of everyday life, a shell housing layers of reality. Kraft taught school and wrote textbooks; he was the co-captain of a clam boat, which sank. Then, the Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious New York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of congestion’ which served to influence ‘Manhattanism’—a philosophy to world-building which ushered the golden age of the skyscraper.

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Koolhaas gives us charcoal drawings by Hugh Ferris dating from the s that predict the Manhattan that would result from oyrk profit-driven growth controlled by the grid and the zoning law. I’d been pushing the thought of reading this book for so long, since buying it in Within the confines of the Zoning law, they had to expand their footprint to gain more vertical space. Some architects are just a little to clever for their own good.

Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan by Rem Koolhaas

I must admit this part of the book held less fascination for me. I love this book.

Add to this the infinite need for rich white men to display phallic prowess, and you’ve got Manhattan! La mia prima ammirazione va per quello che fa.

The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story

The word retroactive is inserted in the title to denote that it was written afterwards, retrospectively. A fourth project is the Rockefeller Center. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Things taken for granted, such as the elevator. Mar 02, Barrett Doherty rated it it was koplhaas Shelves: Koolhaas builds his argument slow and methodically, repeating many concepts but only for clarification and to explore them from all angles.

Take the map showing the original grid. A good example of his school can be found in this conclusion I came to while stoned and watching Wallace and Gromit Before there were subways, there were rollercoasters. Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter.

Books Featured In This Story. It’s wonderful to read an analysis so grounded in the basic facts of life, yet stretched so far into the purely theoretical. But even if only a dream, it would be considered too unreal to exist.


An excellent read not only for readers interested in architecture. This so fantastic I can’t believe it is true. But when air conditioning became a possibility recreating nature within the buildingthey no longer needed to be external pyramids. This was a wonderful book. View my complete profile. Monday, 24 May Rem Koolhaas: Felt like he was imposing his view and his narrative on the architects that were his subject of writing, views and ideas I felt like the author is making up completely.

Sep 16, Josh Luft rated it really liked it. A very engaging quick read that illuminates NY’s signature achievement, the “culture of congestion”. Sep 09, Andrew Fairweather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pageviews from the past week. It’s a bit of a disappointing conclusion, since the preceding pages are grounded in the reality of New York, that Koolhaas couldn’t have been a bit more judicious with editing his more pie-in-the-sky ideas.

Gibt es eine Produktgeschichte des 1. What saves Koolhaas is the fact that he’s a working architect and, i’ll add, a damn fine one at that. La quinta ammirazione yogk per la comunicazione diretta ed efficace, che mi spinge a scrivere come una deliriouz. During these playful journeys through Manhattans history, Koolhaas advocates his duty to modernity, if not to architectural modernism as a movement.

In strokes similar to the wonders of the Coney Island parks Steeplechase, Luna, and Dreamland not only is the landscape rewritten, but the atmosphere as well!