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At diagnosis Surgery Chemotherapy Radiotherapy Follow-up before before before 1st year 2nd year: Two or more neurofibromas of any type or one plexiform neurofibroma Freckling in the axillary or inguinal region. Per Eric Sandstrom, United Kingdom: To limit cumulative doses of Cisplatin and Cyclophosphamide no more than 5 cycles of both combinations shall be given. Severe behavioural and also psychological and psychiatric disorders were also observed by Janss et al in a cohort of 46 long term survivors with HCG and OPG Janss MRI must be done in order to enter patients into the trial, CT-scan only cannot be accepted.

In case of unusual and diagnostically difficult tumors, members of the pathology panel and other experts will be consulted. Bei uns ist sie seit heute im Einsatz: It is not known, whether all low grade tumors do possess a proliferative potential – therefore it is undetermined whether all low grade gliomas ultimately may need treatment. Stratification of non-surgical therapy For each study group details for an age-related stratification of non-surgical treatment are provided: Central neuroradiologic evaluation Within the chemotherapy arm of the study central neuroradiologic assesment is mandatory and scans have to be sent in at definite time points see section 8.

Stratification of age groups is identical to that for chemotherapy. Histologic diagnosis is primarily made by the local pathologist, yet for all children central pathologic review is recommended. Improvement of progression free survival following initial therapy is only a surrogate parameter of an improvement of the quality of life.

SIOP – LGG 2004 Cooperative multicenter Study for Children and

This procedure is only justified in case of unavailability of any alternative treatment. Six of them were irradiated, at a median interval of 30 months from starting chemotherapy.


For all children overall survival, progression free and event free survival will be calculated. It is expected that a reduction of the early progression rate will result in an improved long term progression free survival. The mean age of their study population was 3. They are affected by a cancer-predisposing syndrome and concern exists on treating those children with potentially oncogenic agents e.

Reports upon the effectiveness of chemotherapy in low grade glioma have comprised newly diagnosed as well as relapsed patients, treated with single agents or drug combinations biz variable length of time.

Jonathan Pollak

Low grade glioma of the supratentorial midline in children erarbriten affected by Neurofibromatosis NF I NF I-ve Management for tumors of these locations still is controversial, but the surgical procedure is determined by the answers to the following questions: This therapy optimization trial is multi-national, multi-center, non-blinded, randomized and prospective.

General preoperative diagnostic procedures: The mechanism of the underlying immune reaction could not be elucidated yet. Patients accrual, time of treatment, clinical characteristics Patient accrual: For clinical purpose some of the mixed glioneuronal tumors are included as well, if their bix component appears most relevant for biologic behavior.

Alles haben wir nun am Gang ausgestellt. Jacques Grill, Villejuif Germany: Non-surgical therapy will be instituted at the presence of defined indications following incomplete resection, non-resectable relapse or progression of an unresectable tumor. So, if PD occurs at the first evaluation at week 24 or later during consolidation and the child is still young, it is recommended that therapy be continued with the alternative chemotherapy regimen as in the case of Carboplatin allergy section Conclusions Summarising the above data on the role of chemotherapy in low grade glioma, it can be said that: Age Cerebral 42 Hemispheres median age: Study end points All study patients: It is recognised that the exact classification and histogenetical typing as well as the grading of low grade gliomas in childhood may present difficulties.

Radiotherapy When adjuvant treatment is indicated, radiotherapy can be the first line treatment in case of a small residuum amenable to stereotactic or conformal irradiation.

Thus the arguments to defer radiotherapy still hold, especially if the bls had been responsive to primary chemotherapy. Ihr findet es im internen Bereich. The NF I gene can primarily be regarded erabreiten a histogenesis control gene, which also functions as a tumor suppressor gene Riccardi Age at start of chemotherapy for the irradiated children 41 children had been 54,3 months range 3,5 — ,8 m and their age at the start of radiotherapy 37 patients was 84,0 months 7,2 — ,3 months.


Reports concerning hypersensitivity have been published following treatment with a variety of schedules and cumulative doses in different tumor types. If their impact can zalenraum established reliably, they will serve for a more risk adapted stratification within the framework of a successive trial. Patients with NF I and tumors of any location will not be randomised, they receive standard induction therapy and consolidation according to Option A.

Tumor response as related to age, sex, NF I-status, histology and tumor site.

Patients without NF I and LGG of the supratentorial midline, the cerebral hemispheres, the cerebellum, the caudal brain stem and the spinal cord will be randomised centrally between standard and intensified induction treatment. Current status of 84 children following relapse or progression 100. Es war mir zu unruhig.

Also gibt es dieses Lernspiel passend zur ersten Klasse! In case, that it is unavoidable to give radiotherapy to younger children, it is recommended to contact the national study chairmen for radiotherapy details. Contact with the national study chairman is recommeded. On the other hand, spontaneous involution has only rarely been documented unequivocally PerilongoKernan The specific aims bos the radiotherapy study are a maximal sparing of organs at risk by applying radiotherapy with modern planning and technical equipment see section The effects of chemotherapy on improving the actual clinical and neurological function, for example the visual and endocrinological function for supratentorial midline tumors, and ultimately on health status HS and quality of life QoL zahlenraim, however, deserve further investigation.

The recruitment rate by nation is the following: It should be bks that responses have been reported for all drugs tested.