Top Categories · Home» » docbkx-maven-plugin. Docbkx Maven Plugin. A Maven plugin for generating HTML from DocBook. documentation you’re trying to generate as it exists in the . We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to. xalan xalan docbkx-maven-plugin ${project. version} site generate-html pre-site k docbook-xml runtime ant ant -trax.

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Just take a look here and compare it with yours: The Central Repository is a service mark of Sonatype, Inc. I use Maven 3.

Maintaining the dependency by hand would be a lot of work, and there would be severe chance that it would go out whack in no-time. The project consists of the following sub projects: The later versions of the DocBook stylesheets support syntax highlighting. You mvaen see the following output file:. The Eclipse help format allows your documentation to be accessible into the Eclipse platform as a Plugin.

I found out plgin the error message is correct when building with plugin version greater than 2.

PDF docnkx built-in support for a number of fonts. There are a number of projects using this mechanism that you can review and copy the usage of. This is how it’s lpugin to be, and this is how it worked all along.

To do so, we use the docbkx-maven-plugin in the project’s nightly build. There is no target directory created and I do not see any meaningful output on the command line. Email Required, but never shown. If you want XInclude support, then you should set the ‘xincludeSupport’ property to ‘true’. A Maven plugin for generating fo output from DocBook documents, using version 1. I myself benefit from other people’s blogs and mailing list entries so often during generte daily work, hence I’m glad if my blog can help others: Rick-Rainer Ludwig 1, 1 18 Using this configuration, you can build a document from the sources by invoking docbkx: This sample shows the webhelp output, a browser and platform independent output with a javascript search engine.


Java Moods: DocBook with Maven Issue

It’s not unlikely that you want to replace those fonts with something else. The plugin will continue to use target file name, but reserve it for the first chunk of HTML. Note that – in case of boolean parameters – there are two ways you can pass values. Do I have a chance to get a meaningful log file from docbkx?

Docbkx Tools

Once you have these metrics files, embedding the font in your PDF document is a breeze. You are encouraged to work through these examples in the given order. Here is the relevant snippet: In this case, we are overriding naven default body font. This is supported as of version 2.

Write a simple docbook file Create the following file: Docbkx Maven Plugin will help you in generating the JavaHelp main content but will mave create all the glue needed to have a JavaHelp up and running within your application.

In the past, the only way generste compose a DocBook document from several parts required system entity include statements as part of your DTD declaration. This sample shows how to setup a dependency to docbook xml 4. The result looks like:. Well, that did the trick — after spending a couple of hours of investigation Post as a guest Name. View my complete profile. The only pluhin that you need to do is add a font tag containing all relevant metadata.

This is by far the simplest example that you can possibly imagine. You will probably find the includes property among the ones you will use most often.


Thus, all I have to do is to add the docbook namespace declaration at the top and add the docbook namespace prefix to all references to element names in my customization layer. The JavaHelp format combined with its java based framework will allow you to create professional online help systems from your documentations. Simply add an execution element to specify the goal and the phase.


Now that you are able to create a sample docbook and publish it, you might want to learn the Docbook format itself. This sample shows how to generate titlepage stylesheet that may be needed to customize other outputs, it makes use of an xml input file.

And with all of the XML based metadata available in your projects, it would actually be incredibly easy to accomplish. This may seem odd to you, since 1 Maven focbkx is supposed to support DocBook natively, relying on Doxia, and 2 there is already another DocBook plugin at mojo.

XInclude provides an alternative and much more pougin way to pull in data from other sources.

A Maven plugin for generating manpages output from DocBook documents, using version 1. Concerning the configuration properties of the goal ‘generate-javahelp’ they are the same as the ‘generate-html’ chunked mode ones except these additional ones: In this document, we dockx discuss every feature with an example, showing the relevant configuration code.

Might this be an issue? In fact, none of the xsl: In this project, a particular version of the stylesheets is closely tied to a particular version of the plugin. Hi, sorry, we have other issues with the build plugih. Simply specify it as additional goals.