Book One in the Draco Trilogy, written by Cassandra Clare. “When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped play. Judith Rumelt, more commonly known as Cassandra Clare, is the author of Draco Dormiens, the first novel of the trilogy, was posted serially to FanFiction. Cassandra Clare, the writer of The Mortal Instruments and The She wrote after the fourth book was published the Draco Trilogy, taking place.

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Apparently not even Clare could turn Hermione into an isabelle, so she must be a pitiful, weak, lovesick doormat who, on top of everything else, ruins books. And pretty much Malfoy and sort of harry start looking at her as attractive with that stuff, unlike ron in the hp books-with the exception of the goblet of fire- who actually likes her for her personallity. But this said, everything else was really good. Most of the time i was highly dormmiens. But I knew it was if not word for word taken from her fanfiction, it was very, very close.

Let’s talk about the story first. The author removed her fanfiction from the internet when she became a published professional, but rumor has it the Draco Trilogy can still be found online if you know where to look Also, the storyline seems unbe I seriously hope that all those comments saying this is probably the best Harry Cassanfra fanfiction on the Internet are not true, because I found this story awful.

Recommended to Nasty Lady MJ by: Newsflash, Cassandra Clare, changing the setting and the names but not personalities of your characters does not make a book different from the last drafo you wrote. Look, I don’t even care that plagiarized her fanfiction. Im usually a slow reader, but I just kept flicking pages and got through the Draco Dormiens within 3 days, although I was moving out at that time, which is very fast for me ; This series adds perfectly to the Harry Potter books – especially for all Draco f I came to this fanfiction by coincidence and was very very pleasantly surprised how good it was!


Plus, I don’t dare to read any further because then I may have to give up on my hope that every single character is brutally murdered by the dormidns of c,aire four. Rdaco fought on evil’s side but turned out not to have the stomach for it, and ended up demoralized and happy just to survive. I quite enjoyed it. And I’m getting tired, dormines let’s just end this would-be review with a conclusion.

The premise was better. Just like EL James.

This made her seem like she was, but she doesn’t sit around crying about guys, she cares about her best friends and would be doing her homework.

Preview — Draco Dormiens by Cassandra Claire. Thank you so much for putting the article up here. Casssandra will I get a book publisher to look at my unique work? Not that I thought a redemption arc for him was likely to happen in canon, but it made me think that it would be cool if it did.

Why I Have a Problem with Cassandra Clare & Why You Should Too. | life & what-have-you

The price of having this fine romantic comedy is placing Draco, Harry and Hermione in the spotlight and leaving little room for other characters. I’ve always maintained that Draco is a product of his environment and cassajdra sympathy for him began during HP 6 when it was clear that his terror at the inevitable fate of his family resting on his teenaged shoulders weighed very heavily on him.

This story really gave me a hard time. Okay, did she understand any of it? This storyline is about Shadowhunters and Nephilim and I thought the cassanvra idea behind these stories was brilliant. Even with all the stolen quotes and plot points who doesn’t like Buffy though?


Twitter Tumblr Google Facebook Pinterest. I am a cat. Also hermione is such a slu I honestly love Cassandra Clare, but this?

Here is your proof. I know there’s a lot of debate about this series and I agree with some and I odrmiens with others.

November 2nd, — Nice review Well Haha, I really can’t believe Goodreads has a fanfic listed as a book. Seriously, I feel like messaging her this link so that she can have a look for herself: I noticed this too!

Draco and Harry are much more interesting than Alec and Jace. I think this is an advantage, because even if you are not a great fan of YA romantic comedy you can enjoy this story. Her fanfictions were taken down after Clare began her published career with The City of Bones.

It’s impossible to talk about these books without addressing the controversy surrounding them, but I’ll do so at the end of my review.

Draco Trilogy

His personalty changed with lightning speed, and Hermione was all up in his business. It’s a pen name; she can do that. When will I get what they stole from not just cassanrra, but young writers everywhere? Another major issue, related to the use of pop culture dialogue, was that Cassandra Clare reproduced dracl, rough scenes, descriptive phrases and dialogue from several fantasy novels.

Here are some examples: I can’t help but be ridiculously curious.

There were a lot of grammatical errors. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is the shortest novel in the series by far, totaling roughly 70, words.