Beyond Beef has ratings and 27 reviews. Joseph said: In Beyond Beef Jeremy Rifikin offers a scathing review on the multinational beef industry and ca. Preview and download books by Jeremy Rifkin, including The Third Industrial Revolution, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, Smart Ecocidio ยท View in iTunes. As Rifkin explains: Choosing not to eat meat would be an act of contrition and to Rifkin Ecocidio (Milano: Mondadori, ), the UN, livestock farming is.

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Jun 18, Susan rated it it was amazing. He also blames the British for Ireland’s Great Famine. If nothing else, it sealed the deal for me.

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture by Jeremy Rifkin

Although the empiric evidence all around the world demonstrates that this kind of planning works better in complex societies, Forester said that he found a great resistance in planners. Follow thi Continuing in my trend of food-based books, this is another alarming display of our industrial food system. One of the first books available that exposed Factory Farming and its consequences.

Gifkin the last years an interesting change within arts create what North American schools call social engaged art.

He discussed how they were once revered and treated like gods and sharply contrasted that to the way cattle are treated today using quotes from the Jungle. Difkin types of good and property rights jointly affect collective action. In that sense, there has been a great work in the last years in order to find better methodologies to safeguard natural and social commons Ostrom, as well as understand how to make a collective management of them.

I am a life-long veggie. Refresh and try again.

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture

This article presents a growing alternative in territorial planning that has drawn from various disciplines as well as social and historical circumstances constantly changing over the last forty years. Reading this book 20 some-odd years ago changed my life. United Nations Settlements Programme. Twenty years later the ” Sep 04, Mike Moskos rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oltre, naturalme Libro di impostazione radicale e catastrofica, fin troppo documentato.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The word Zealot came to mind – but maybe that’s what he was going for. Oct 03, Angelea rated it it was amazing. This author has some very interesting ideas about why our Founding Father wanted to eradicate the American Indians from the plains – to make room for their grazing cattle. Probably a bit dated now, but I doubt much has changed. Mar 26, Rae rated it really liked it Shelves: Bauhaus University Press, If the processes at a great scale, like controversial public works or big infrastructures, needs to involve people in many cities, many of these instruments could be use simultaneously, making television campaigns in order to inform about the decisions to take, as well as using Referendum, which can be metropolitan, regional or national one, in order to create a public debate Podziba, Journal of Social Policy33 2pp.

United Nations Settlements Programme, Ed Jorge Pinto Books, In every historical period and geographic scenario we can found experiences of collective building of cities and territories, however the right to decide and the traditional capabilities to contribute in the self-made of territories has been expropriated from people with the representative democratic system by delegate this right to the State, giving up the management of commons.

That problem takes in general to the complete stop of the process and works without any alternative solution. Oct 10, Eunbi Wood rated it it was amazing.

Very interesting book about the cattle industry and the effects of grazing cattle on our environment. Published March 1st by Plume first published Rifkin Started by explaining the history of cattle culture and how humans and cows have been intertwined for many centuries. Good book if you are on track with him I suppose, but I really read it hoping to get a balanced picture of what IS, what is I was disappointed – I thought it would be balanced.

Discovering the para-formal city: Anyone else encounter troubles staying focused with this book? Participatory Budgeting in China: The originality on his approach was in the method that he called Action- Research, and was based on three pillars: Intervista a Ana Clara Torres Ribeiro. I actually stopped eating beef for awhile after reading ecocdio.

An important, comprehensive, and disturbing book.


Guerre del tempo Jeremy Rifkin. In addition to this he created a system to translate these emotions in urban design tools by what he called a pattern language. One of the most important contribution rirkin Villasante and his research group is to analyze deeply the relational aspects of power in participatory processes.

Biosphere Politics Jeremy Rifkin. May 08, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: It tells how this collectives work in planning the unexpected as well as constituting a key resource in the interaction between planning and symbolic socio cultural dimension Thomson, rif,in These Mega Urban systems, say UN Habitat involves a number of advantages in various regions rifikn the world, as for example, improving the interconnectivity between cities, creating complementary activities in regions in virtuous cases UNHabitat, The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action.

Jeremy Rifkin

In this center many researchers collect cases from all the world, even far away from the traditional democratic systems we know, as for example the Kerala State in India, with 32 million people, and a caste systemthat creates a horizontal way of planning and decision by participatory budgeting with its agrarian cooperatives.

The greatest dimension of this phenomenon affects particularly urban and regional planning, which should consider 75 million people who migrate each year worldwide Balbo, Made rifkim never want to eat beef again.

Nowadays the capitalist system evolves creating artificial needs in people that then constrain the States to make debts in order to give more houses, more infrastructures, the newest technologies, biggest airports, fastest trains, etc. The main purpose of Villasante, as he works with social movements, as indigenous people, feminists, younger, and so on, is to imagine new ways of participatory democracy by getting people aware of the complex systems of domination relationships, as well as built together rifkiin in order to give more power to the bottom up initiatives for overcame the hierarchies in each cultural system Villasante,