Death March has ratings and 34 reviews. Todd said: I read this one specifically because of a project I was on at the time. And I left it out on my de. Thoroughly revised and updated, this practical handbook on software project success and survival explains how to confront five important issues involved in all . Why would anyone in his right mind agree to participate in such a project? Ed Yourdon explains how you might find yourself in such a mire.

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Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Everythingin their experience, is a death march project. Nov 19, Rafael Bandeira rated it liked it. Rod Biggar at CSI reminded me of this book. In this book Yourdon discusses through anecdotes, musings, and conversations with his industry peers aspects of a death march that exward the readers make sense of the challenges they too know about.

Although software development is populated with intelligent programmers and managers, death marches occur “because the competitive business pressure demands it and the new technical opportunities invite it,” he says.

I knew going in, as the title suggested, it would be a depressing topic, but geez, the reader is in for a slew of negative stories and thoughts on how to solve difficult projects. Politics, politics, politics Naive promises made by marketing, senior executives, naive project managers, and so on Naive optimism of youth: Essentially, that’s a project where you have too little resources in terms of time or personnel.

How did we get into this mess? Oct 23, JefferyG rated it it was amazing. Death marches of the destined-to-fail type usually are a result of unrealistic or overly optimistic expectations in deatgfeature marcuor both, and often include ddward of appropriate documentation or relevant training and outside expertise that would be needed to accomplish the narch successfully. It confirmed much of what I knew was wrong with the project. I have read the Polish edition: And it can lead to a pervasive atmosphere of penny-pinching that makes it impossible for the project manager to order pizza for the project team when they spend the entire weekend in the office working overtime.


I read this one specifically because of a project I was on at the time. It’s good to know why projects fail and how to lower the risk of failure. But, after reading inspirational books like “The Mythical Man Marxh and “Peopleware” in the past this book seems like one I wish I would have just given up on and s I strongly disliked this book.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I read this the year I lived a death march project. I was expecting a lot more; this is a well-reputed classic, but it didn’t really cover much that isn’t elsewhere in the literature. I’ve just lost interest in his book. Business culture pressures, such as the corporate pursuit of short-term maximization of profits, may play a role in addition to mere incompetence. I realize the point is to help the reader cope with how to handle difficult projects where there is no way to really “win”.

Marrch you’re the naively optimistic software engineer responsible for making the death march estimate, chances are that you don’t even know what you’re doing. Trivia About Death March. Thus, the project team may have been told that it needs to squeeze twice as many features into a fixed amount of RAM or disk space as its competitor; or it may have been told its system has to handle twice the volume of transactions that any comparable system has ever accomplished.

This page was ddath edited on 18 Augustat Every time I mention the book to friends and colleagues, they just laugh and say, ‘Oh, edard, you must be talking about my project. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

If you are reading this review or book I hope you find consolation in it and wish you the best in your situation. The functionality, features, performance requirements, or other technical aspects of the project are twice what they would be under normal circumstances. Dec 30, Mark Ruzomberka rated it did not like it. At an alarming rate, companies continue to create death-march projects, repeatedly!

Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Jul 05, Oleksandr rated it really liked it. Although, I’m more inclined to say that at times he rattled on about it needlessly. I’m sometimes think they are obvious, since most people never ask me what I mean by “death march. Fully updated and expanded, with powerful new techniques!


Death March by Edward Yourdon

Quite simply, a death march project is one whose “project parameters” exceed the norm by at least 50 percent. Thus, if the normal work-week is 40 hours, then a death march project team is often found working hour days, six days a week. For the war crime, see death march.

The book is so so. Lists with This Book. The staff has been reduced to less than half the number that would normally be assigned to a project of this size and scope; thus, instead of being given a project team of 10 people, the project manager has been told that only five people are available. Still, Yourdon modestly succeeds to persuade the reader to have a more mature view that if a culture of death marches can be refuted in many cases for the reader and if not then coping strategies the reader can adopt to co-exist with them.

What is a Death March Project and Why Do They Happen?

Ddeath have to recover and rejuvenate on a vacation for at least a week after a two-week tops deathmarching. The issues are simply too complex. Otherwise you’re just wasting your project’s LoE. Because Death March was written pre many of the tools and references seem outdated and do not address more recent software development methodologies like Agile.

Preview — Death March by Edward Yourdon.

Crunch Mode: programming to the extreme – What Causes a Death March?

Yourdon covers the entire project lifecycle, systematically addressing every key issue participants face: Often even financial bonuses to employees will not help with the exception of avoiding takeovers from competition. What makes IT organizations create such things?

A death march project is one for which an unbiased, objective risk assessment which includes an assessment of technical risks, personnel risks, legal risks, political risks, etc.

How common are death marches?