LISA SEE EL ABANICO DE SEDA EPUB – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’ es una novela del año escrita por Lisa See. Buy El Abanico De Seda/ the Silk Fan by Lisa See (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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For a book that was so character driven, the characters didn’t abanuco impress me and seemed pretty flat. I genuinely think I would have had a nervous breakdown.

Through this relationship, See paints a portrait of the cultural and religious landscape of the era, with further insights into the politics and economy.

As Lily takes us back to her younger years, we see an obedient aanico keen to please daughter who wants more than anything for her mother to love her. It’s a good novel but let me suggest that you pick up something else if you’re in the mood for a happy ending. And she learns and taught, to suppress her wishes.

So why only 3 stars? To view it, click here.

Putting aside any problems with the plot, their emotions toward each other were complex and meaningful. In our country, we call this type of mother love teng ai.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

While Lisa See still incorporates wonderful imagery whenever Lily manages to escape the women’s chamber, her passive perspective provides us with an authentic view of women within China’s social hierarchy.


In the discussion question it is asked why the reader thinks these men allowed its existence. No phrase or passage noteworthy for its beauty or addition to literature. This book is interesting in that it is very much a window into the world of women in 19th century China. The main character are womans named Lily.

Very interesting cultural aspects, and pretty good writing.


Full review to follow. I absolutely detested Lily by the end of the novel and yet it was a cruel reminder that people do change like she did when the wind blows differently. It’s almost like See spent so much effort on the world building that she ran ser of steam for character development and plot. Refresh and try again. I’ve always been a fan of strong women “Steel Magnolias”, anyone? I did enjoy the read do not get me wrong but to me this was not a 5 star lis. Yet the women stuck to their traditional roles.

Because the narrative of the book entails Lily looking back on her entire lixa, the writing comes across as detached and clinical at times. I really appreciate the author’s effort to not judge or present those values as simply wrong or antiquated. The story revolves around Lily and Snow Flower, two girls in rural China who – as seven-year-olds – become laogong, official lifelong best friends.

It was not written with modern or Western themes. Lily refers to herself abanido “one who has not yet died” when she is a widow at 80 years old.

El abanico de seda

Our protagonist, Lily, is another to brood over. I didn’t like her, but I did come to the lisx that a part of me could respect her for all that she had endured and done in order to repent. Women to this day are subjected to body type slurs when the new norms of perfection aren’t met by them.


This is so beautifully demonstrated in the bond between the narrator, Lily, and Snow Flower, her “old same”. What I liked was the story that was told through out the book about life in China back then.

I adore historical fiction that can really immerse me in another time and place and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan did just that. The former was courteously bestowed ananico as to how a bra was essentially an undergarment and not a lacy billboard Hey!

Maybe I need to take a step back from this genre a bit because I’m getting a little sick of it. If you’ve ever had a true friend, this book will truly speak to you and perhaps make you just a tad nostalgic about the carefree days when you could hope and giggle with your own “bestie”.

Yet I resisted and I’m glad. Lily produces two abbanico sons while Snow Flower endures difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, and stillbirths — and when she finally has a son — he is a weakling who lisa see el abanico de seda destined to die young.

This time, I think Lisa stayed so true abanjco the setting that she turned me off.