Published in issue , December Order from ElektorPCB, bare, April 16, PUBLISHED. in Elektor magazine | December | Find it here. If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even. Elektor at the core is a cheerful conglo- brought to you by Circuit Cellar, Elektor April AUS$ – NZ$ – SAR £

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This is also beneficial in terms of EMC because the clock is stopped in this mode.

Pololu – Free Elektor magazine April

This costs electricity to power the pump, and energy is also lost through the pipe walls. It is rated for only relatively low eoektor and currents.

It starts at the temperature sensors connected to the circuit board, which are NTC silicon devices. April 1,Latest update: The number from the number memory will be used for subsequent commands that need a number as parameter. If 201 OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped avdil the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even do not need to flash the new firmware to try it out! That depends on the availability of some DXM commands that are undocumented in the official DXM documentation, but are used by the latest official firmware v1.

Here C28 and R61 form a high-pass filter that more or less allows only changes in the signal level to pass. Both need additional shared libraries to run.


Firmware Update and Emulator for OBD2-Analyser NG / Wireless OBD2

Opamp U7d is wired as a comparator and triggers an interrupt in the ATmega microcontroller via pin PB1 when the supply line temperature rises. The boot loader can be downloaded from the Elektor website [2] ; alternatively, you can purchase a pre-programmed microcontroller from the Elektor Shop.

Firmware Compared to the original firmware v1. Heating bills often present unpleasant surprises. It also has a switched output for driving a relay that can control a circulation pump.

After the sensors have been connected to the board, the initial temperature curves as yet uncalibrated should appear in the PC program. Link to download the archive of Elektor Electronics magazine: U4a naturally needs a reference voltage on its inverting input. Published in issueDecember The area under the curve of the difference signal is a measure of the time offset of the temperature variations.

Elketor recipes Farm tools and avgil For lovers of travel.

You can download the archive of Elektor Electronics magazine free. U4a amplifies the sensor signal by a factor of approximately 8. So, they might have to be entered several times with a change of ECU in between. Warning for HHEmu prior V2.

It executes the firmware in a separate thread and simulates all inputs key presses, timer interrupt, data from DXM module, data from optional Bluetooth module and outputs LCD, data to DXM module, data to optional Bluetooth module to make the firmware believe it would run on the AT90CAN Frequent or even permanent ‘no data’ messages will no longer occur. If you wish to modify or extend the PC software, you will also find the source code and information on recompiling the code in the download.


Faites parler vos alimentations

This yields the formula:. That allows to display 8 menu lines at once. Internal pull-up resistors in the microcontroller generate the high level. A software user guide with a brief description of the method is available in the Zip file that can be downloaded below. R47 is necessary to stabilise U4a with a capacitive load. We make use of the fact that the supply and return temperatures always vary by at least one to two degrees due to the operation of the control system. The next step is to launch the PC program termgui.

HHEmu is a multi-threaded application with threads. Description of old Files in the Attachments Section Check the latest project update to download the latest version of the firmware and the latest version of HHEmu. For example, the resistance of a KT sensor is approximately 1.

This means that the ATmega can spend most of its time in power-down mode. JP4 has yet another function: This difference signal is also logged as a function of time. Metering, adjustment, matching Antennas.