EMAX CF by EMAX. Emx Mt 2 Backorder. Brand: EMAX; Model: EMX-MT; RMRC Win: ; Shipping Weight: ; Country of Origin: CN. Emax CF kv Outrunner Brushless Motor-The Emax CF kv motor is a ounce, class outrunner that works well on. Prop, Volts, Amps, Watts, rpm, Thrust, Efficiency. -, , , , , -, -. GWS EP, , , 31, , -, 60%. GWS EP, , , 49, , .

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Return to Power Systems. I was planning for the exact same setup, i. If you read one of the reviews on that site it says THISand at only 9. Last edited by NorthwestWolf; Oct 25, at I am getting a couple of used s and 20A escs. I want to keep the same thrust etc Apr 17, Dr Kiwi Registered User.

E-max has changed nomenclature and some of the small ones Fc2805 tested as 22xx are now labeled as 28xx. Now for your JST connectors.

DO NOT run this motor on cv2805, it simply does not like it and you get too far away from any type of pratical use with the size prop that would be needed to keep the motor cool. Please be aware that the battery used can make a tremendous amount of difference in the performance of brushless motors.

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EMAX CF kv Outrunner – Buy from your trusted Local Hobby Shop in India !

The sale will end very soon But they are all JST. Last edited by Dr Kiwi; Oct 25, at Questions about this item? Maybe I’ll convert them all over to micro-Deans. You will be quite pleased with this plane when using the recommended setup. Apr 03,emqx Add to Wish List.


Emax CF2805 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Likewise the Kv seems suited to no more than an 8×4. N8, No prop is best when running this motor on 3s. Last edited by Lukejt; Feb 04, at Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Other than that I don’t have much to go by, they don’t list kv on the motor.

Emax cf label – kv or kv? – RC Groups

Switch to the Deans Micro or Ultra and go back to the stock motor, stock prop and 2s 20C lipo. That was a bummer because 5 of my 6 motors had frozen up and were worthless.

JST is good for amps APC 6 x 4E. Electric Motor Design and Construction. Dec 18, Cf2085 the first to ask here.

I doubt you could use more than a 3″-4″ prop on a small Kv. Once I have a WattsUp meter and a few other tools it won’t be so much of an issue, as I’ll know how each individual motor behaves. He also says 12 A is okay, on up to As the being a hotter wind than stated, I’m starting to expect that from these Chinese motors every now and then.

One is going to finish the HF I never sold. This also is the same combination used on enax scratch foamie F22 EPP plane in the Foamies scratchbuilt forum. Let me start off by saying that I am making a slow comeback from many years out of this emaax. Now go warm up the soldering iron I have one of these motors in front of me with a 6X4E prop that is going to be used on one of those F22 Epp foamies. Aug 08, The KV ratings we publish xf2805 the motors we sell are the direct result of our own testing and may not match the manufacturer labels, as often such readings may vary between manufacturerd batches of motors.


I just want to make sure I’m correct on this as I don’t want to prop it wrong and Cff2805 don’t have a meter to measure current draw yet. We perform this testing to ensure that our customers have accurate specifications upon which to base the specific application of each motor.

Props 5″-6″ From what I have read about these motors and from the few specs around this would make it the kv wind correct? The above data was obtained using batteries in good condition that were fully charged. What prop other than a 6x4E apc is suggested that I can use a prop saver with or can someone point me to a prop saver for an apc 6×4.

Apr 04, If I had test gear I would be able to sort this out but alas I’m at the mercy emzx others who have them.

Feb 04, Oct 25, I do not have a test stand so will have to wait until the motor is on the plane to run an amp check on it. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.