Annals of Marketing Management & Economics Eugeniusz Michalski The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, design, sym-. Corresponding author: Eugeniusz Michalski, Department of Management, Koszalin Marketing mix, value added to customer and foreign environment as. Get this from a library! Marketing: podręcznik akademicki. [Eugeniusz Michalski; Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.].

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The article focuses on improvements and related issues in the implementation of Ukrainian monetary policy.

Marketing: podręcznik akademicki – Eugeniusz Michalski – Google Books

In order to indicate the main motivating factors to work in the university I used the results mihcalski diagnostic survey which was done among a representative research sample at the National Defence University NDU in Warsaw.

Albania has an interior market in development and a non structured exporting market. In this article, using qualimetry, a quantitative measure of quality was evaluated using the level of the human body.

Consequently, valuable brands and new food products are more successful in market at the lowest costs under more intensive promotional activity. You may have already requested this item. The initial findings suggest that almost all consumed brands remain overshadowed; high involvement brands can be equally meaningless as michalsku involvement ones; neither purchase frequency, perceived quality, nor trust, increase probability of moving a brand out of shadow.

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Polish seniors, unlike their Western counterparts indicate a low level of tourism consumption. The analysis and research material makes the paper an original contribution to the development in this field. Not using private labels — the dilemma of independent aftermarket companies in Poland Katarzyna Hys, Alfred Franke Summary.

Do better socioeconomic features of population mean more competitive regions? Please enter recipient e-mail address es. While thwarting piracy still proves a great challenge, the issue could be approached from a different point of view: Excessive consumption of high-energy food is the cause of diet-related diseases, aggravating both household budgets and the healthcare system. International exchange has forms ranging from casual export, agency agreements, partnerships, licensing, joint ventures, franchising to wholly owned subsidiaries.


M00, M31 Dziwulski J.

The aim of the paper is to improve theoretical foundations of the research of the population spatial mobility as an actual socio-economic concept and development of its three-dimensional model.

The article also examined the inevitability of changes, which will appear in the age structure of Polish people in the labour market and in companies. We live in the age when the celebrities themselves became the leading vehicles of their professional outcomes, in the age when the name of a public figure itself, linked to any product, is a promoted trademark, a product on its own.

This is active-mobile and passive-mobile population. D12, J14 Lesakova D.

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The foreign market entry strategy is determined by the consistency of a comparison between the international and domestic environment. The aim of the article is to examine the theoretical foundations of diversification strategy and identify the characteristics of its application in agriculture.

A three-dimensional model of the population spatial mobility is considered. The process of implementing marketing research in the biofuels market is investigated, and the impact of macro factors on the results of current and future activities of the industry is considered and evaluated.

The aim of the article is to describe measures aimed at supporting organic orchards in the the RDP — and how that support differs from that offered by the RDP — Following a brief look at some of the relevant literature, this paper analyzes a pilot study conducted with university students, who were asked about their movie consumption habits, focusing on the various influences and sources of information that have an effect on their decisions.


Moreover, the training programmes make it possible to realise the goals of the organisation. L83, Z3, P25 Podhorodecka K.

O18, O38, O51 Mutrynowski T. The article also shows the types of barriers that are most burdensome for newly formed companies, and what should be changed so that Polish enterprise can grow.

No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The health of society treated as a set of potential consumers requires effective action and a multidisciplinary approach. The place of lessors of land shares in the system of agricultural marketing in Ukraine Valentyna Rafalska, Yaroslava Larina Summary. A result of the growing fragmentation of the discipline was the increasing independence of individual schools, which focused mainly on their own narrow perspectives, neither attaching importance to the achievements of the remaining ones nor caring to integrate them into a coherent whole.

A total of interactions were identified using a cross-impact matrix featuring the behavioral factors of the leader and 25 factorial factors.

An education voucher as a way to increase competitiveness in upper secondary schools educational services market Tomasz Jaroszewski Summary. The subsequent parts of this study are devoted to the relationship between marketing and related sciences. Age management as an opportunity to manage employees effectively in the light of demographic changes Wojciech Wychowaniec Summary.

The article examines the importance of all-year and seasonal outdoor markets in the supply chain of regional food with PDO and PGI geographical indications. Regional convergence is widely discussed in the literature, and has gained in importance in the context of European integration, especially in the past decade.