Elfriede Hermann, «Communicating with Transculturation», Le Journal de la Société des Océanistes by the Cuban sociologist Fernando Ortiz ([]. ) . Fernando Ort z on the Phases of Transculturation, from a speech made in Abstract. MARRERO LEON, Erelis. Transculturation and cultural studies. A brief approach to Fernando Ortiz’ thinking. Tabula Rasa [online]. , n

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This can become evident in social situations, where people divide into separate groups, despite being of an identical “super-ethnicity”, such as nationality. Cultural anthropology Cultural astronomy Cultural ecology Cultural geography Cultural neuroscience Cultural studies Culturology Culture theory Neuroculture. He is an exemplary model of postcolonial agency and accomplishment. Views Transcukturation Edit View history. These varied opinions of ethnoconvergence represent themselves in a spectrum; assimilationhomogenizationacculturationand cultural compromise are commonly used terms for ethnoconvegence which flavor the issues to a bias.

The obstacle to ethnoconvergence is transvulturationwhich is the view that one’s culture is of greater importance than another’s. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Where transculturation impacts ethnicity and ethnic issues the oftiz “ethnoconvergence” is sometimes used. In a word, he looks upon the dominated race with kinder eyes provided they “keep their place.

There is praise for types such as the “good Negro” and “the good master;” but even so, the ruler and the ruled distrust each other. There still remains a fifth phase that we must reach some day-the phase of integration. Transculturation can often be the result of colonial conquest and subjugation, especially in a postcolonial era as native peoples struggle to regain their own sense of identity.

I have sensed them transcultruation my own experience in social contacts with my colored fellow-citizens during the whole fernqndo years of my Afro-Cuban studies-from hostility and suspicion through tolerance to cooperation.

Then it is alleged that the black race is accursed; “Noah spoke the original malediction,” say the theologians. Returning to classic social science as a solution, Bromley has embraced the anthropological approach put forward by thinkers like Fernando Ortiz as a way to account for ethnicity and language without being limited by them as a way for viewing the world.

However, religion does not neatly correspond with ethnic identity.

Fernando Ortíz on the Phases of Transculturation

To troubleshoot, please check our FAQsand if you can’t find the answer there, please contact us. Only a small minority has reached fernandl thus far. Processes of transculturation become more complex within the context of globalizationgiven the multiple layers of abstraction that permeate everyday experiences.


The primary issue; languagehence, communication and education can be overcome within a single generation—as is evident in the easy acclimation of children of foreign parents. Quite the contrary, Europeans are often polyglots, and may label other individuals by their ethnicities; practical means of distinguishing cultures may resemble tendencies similar to ethnocentrism.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The general processes fernanndo transculturation are extremely complex—steered by powerful forces at the macrosocial level, yet ultimately resolved at the interpersonal level.

Reflections on the Global Condition. The black man is transculguration able transculturration dance and the white man is amused by him. In most regions, ethnic divides are binary, meaning only two distinct cultures are present, each seeing the other as foreign.

Acculturation Cultural appropriation Cultural area Cultural artifact Cultural baggage Cultural behavior Cultural bias Cultural capital Cross-cultural Cultural communication Cultural conflict Cultural cringe Cultural dissonance Cultural emphasis Cultural framework Cultural heritage Cultural icon Cultural identity Cultural industry Cultural invention Cultural landscape Cultural learning Cultural leveling Cultural memory Cultural pluralism Cultural practice Cultural property Cultural reproduction Cultural system Cultural technology Cultural universal Cultureme Enculturation High- and low-context cultures Interculturality Manuscript culture Material culture Non-material culture Organizational culture Print culture Protoculture Safety culture Technoculture Trans-cultural diffusion Transculturation Visual culture.

In the modern context, both conflicts and resolutions are amplified by communication and transportation technology—the ancient tendency of cultures drifting or remaining apart fernanndo been replaced by stronger forces for bringing ortkz together. Often, history shows us, the processes of co-existence begins with hostilities, and with the natural passing of polarist individuals, comes the passing of their polarist sentiments, and soon some resolution is achieved.

Nevertheless, obstacles to ethnoconvergence are not great. In one general sense, transculturation covers warethnic conflictracismmulticulturalismcross-culturalisminterracial marriagetransculturatikn any other of a number of contexts that deal with more than one culture.

Transculturation – Wikipedia

The third phase constitutes a period of adjustment. Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: If you think you should have access to this title, please contact your librarian.

The mixed blood is made white, by law or through wealth or ancestry; but his life is a constant frustration aggravated by ceaseless pretense. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



This does not mean that most Europeans reject learning other languages. But gradually, as social anthropology probes deeper into the question, the four phases of the process of transculturation are properly observed. The colored man is with all dignity recovering control of his own fate and attaining self-respect. Ethnocentrism often takes different forms, as it is a highly personal bias, and manifests itself in countless aspects of culture.

At times he escapes and even takes his own life. Often it’s in a secular, multi-ethnic environment that cultural concerns are both minimised and exacerbated; Ethnic prides are boasted, hierarchy is created “center” culture versus “periphery” but on the other hand, they will still share a common “culture”, and common language and behaviours.

The colored man is now in his second generation in America and tries to outdo himself imitating, at times quite blindly, both the good and the bad traits of the white man.

Religion, on the other hand, is a highly personal and attached part of culture. The black man rebels, if such a thing is possible and fights his oppressor. Degrees of hostile conflict vary from outright genocidal conquest, to lukewarm infighting between differing political views within the same ethnic community. Thus, conforming to the “ethnic integrity” of the region.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Don’t have an account? The white, with or without the slave system, exploits the black who, powerless against force, defends himself with his shrewdness and makes clever adjustments based on his mistrust of the white. All this occurs even in the nineteenth century.

In simple terms, transculturation reflects the natural tendency of people in general to resolve conflicts over time, rather than exacerbating them. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Environmental phenomena and the personality of the individual may hasten or skip one phase or another. This article needs additional citations for verification.