YA writer Mead (the Vampire Academy series) tries her hand at adult paranormal fiction with mixed results in the first Age of X episode. The truth is, when you banish the gods from the world, they eventually come back —with a vengeance. In the near future, Justin March lives. Gameboard of the Gods [Richelle Mead] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The truth is, when you banish the gods from the world, they.

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Romantic drama aside, Justin and Mae are immensely likable characters. Before he could say anything else, a streak of lightning cut the sky, followed instantly by deafening thunder and a downpour. While I wait to find out if book 2 is going to be pass or fail, I’ll just go back to my faith in Mead’s ability to pull off a sensational story yameboard that grows better with each book.

Cornelia thought the trip was a waste of time and was clearly opposed to their objective. Of course, seeing as the RUNA had stopped caring about him, he figured he was welcome to whatever self-destructive behaviors he wanted.

What in the world would someone have to do to be exiled from the RUNA? No one could make him do anything. Eichelle see…there was this girl….

Be prepared to fall head first into her futuristic world, filled with mystery, violence, stunning technology and tens ‘ I am a soldier of the Republic.

He clasped his hands over his heart in mock pain. Funny enough, my favorite character was Justin’s younger protege. Justin opened his eyes and sprang up from the couch. Book review by Julie A.

We are plopped right into it, new vocabulary, new concepts, new world-building is thrown at us immediately with little explanation. The worldbuilding is of the sink-or-swim variety, fascinating and in many ways almost visionary, but a bit overwhelming at times.


So, 3 for the first part, 2 for the second, 4 for the last. With one last glance rkchelle the mirror, she let them lead her outside to the subway entrance across the street.

Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X, #1) by Richelle Mead

Common Richellee Media’s unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren’t influenced by the product’s creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. So when things did happen, they were very intense, and I felt myself getting sucked into the story again. He said she’d be carved of fire and ice, that she’d scorch me in my richelel and live and die for me outside of it. For all their airs, the provinces terrified the two, which Mae took a little grim amusement out of.

Gameboard of the Gods

But her mental protests gocs soon swallowed in the haze of battle. This man had typically plebeian tanned skin and black hair and the kind of features that came from three generations of ethnic mixing. You did a neat job of breaking her leg. Mae ran her fingertips over his name, and suddenly the scent of the gardenias became cloying and oppressive.

Once the action started, though, her reflexes kicked in. Francis, on the other hand, could barely contain his excitement as they drew closer and closer to their destination. Justin felt his mouth go dry. His lips found hers again, and all that mattered was his burning oc to possess her again and— A soft chiming sound that he barely heard made Richelpe sit upright and pull away. Jun 03, Pages. So the fact that this society is so staunchly opposed to the idea of believing in a God-like entity is not very plausible.


Third-person to me is sometimes a little more formal than first. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Richelle Mead on ‘Gameboard of the Gods’ |

And then slowly, agonizingly, the world came into focus again. And do not undo that. His commentary tended to be a little more esoteric. You saw the crown of stars and flowers, insisted the raven. Why did everyone keep saying he was charming? What was that experience like? None of them touched her, though. Justin did, earning groans when he turned up a three.

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Since there’re a lot of themes that I personally deem sensitive to certain audiences sex, drugs, alcohol, the worksI don’t recommend this for those 15 below, but if you’re mentally and emotionally mature for it, then go ahead! Gameboard of the Gods is a definite step up for Richelle Mead. The RUNA has lost the heart of its civilization, and over time it has become more concerned with conformity than order. Not just any woman. Despite the rather average rating, I do see a lot of potential in this series and I’m fairly certain I will be returning to see what future installments will present us with.

And they only have four weeks to find the murderer and solve the case. I love me some Richelle Mead. Every lead seems to stop at an abrupt dead end. In a futuristic world nearly destroyed by religious extremists, Justin March lives in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims. They were kind of pathetic, really, but an easy fight was still better than no fight.