14 En Route to Global Occupation rently, more than ninety of the one 1 High- ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon. En Route to Global Occupation has 32 ratings and 4 reviews. Exposes the political forces around the world that are cooperating to unite the people of thi. Versión en Español – (CLICK – Ebo Black) A High Ranking Government Liaison Exposes the Secret Agenda for World Unification.

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Refresh and try again. One such hon- est Freemason, the Comle de Virieu, a member of a Martiniste lodge at Lyons, returning from the Congres de Wilhelmsbad could not conceal his alarm, and when 26 En Route to Global Occupation Global Politics 27 questioned on the “tragic secrets” he had brought back with him, replied: Here let us stop.

Illuminized Freema- sonry would also receive help from Voltaire, Robespierre, Danton and Marat, all of whom were prominent Masons.

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Initiates were therefore sworn to secrecy, taking bloody oaths describing what would happen to them if they ever defected from the order or revealed its plans. Each year billions of dollars are “earned” by Class A stockhold- ers of the Federal Reserve. These interests own the Federal Reserve System through approximately three hundred stockholders, all of whom are known to each other and are sometimes related to one another.

Operations in these countries were overseen by the five Rothschild brothers, each of whom controlled a different country.

McFadden, Larry McDonald, and other leaders from our past However, their vision did not include an America of material- ism, corruption, and godlessness, which has become a stronghold for the secret societies; nor did it include a nation that manipulates other nations for the purpose of achieving a world government I believe that a great many Americans would agree with me on this. I believe this was God’s way of getting my attention.

Dec 03, Dmitry Dyatlov rated it liked it. Through my travels and job-related contacts, I became aware of plans being laid worldwide for the establishment of a one-world government, most frequently referred to by insiders as the New World Order. Over a twelve state region stretching from New England to the Carolinas, for example, three New York super-banks now control over 85 percent of the banking assets.


After a few Saturdays of such legwork, I had accumulated a small pile of New Age books, newsletters, and magazines. The last thing I ever thought I’d do was to research and write a book on the seemingly obscure subject of globalism and the occult But I now realize that God had different plans. It is orchestrated by a vast array of interests comprising not only the Eastern establishment but also the radical left Among this group we find the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the money center banks and multinational corporations, the media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, and the large tax-exempt foundations.

Those bankers who allied them- selves with the Rothschilds and the Masonic Order became wealthy in their own right. The following publishers have been represented on the Council on Foreign Relations: Uploaded by Sophie3an4P on February 22, Because of his background in government, Gary Kah was invited to join the WCPA World Constitution and Parliament Associationoverseeing the planning and implementation of the one world government.

One of the states at the forefront of this effort was Indiana where Resolution had originated. Here are a few excerpts from his important speech: By communicating in their own esoteric language, insid- ers hope to be able to further their plan with little resistance, to the point where it will soon be impossible to stop. I didn’t see how I could have gone as long as I did without knowing anything about these matters. His life was made difficult as a re- sult At the time the Federal Reserve Act was passed, Lindbergh warned: According to panthe- ists, there is no personal God, instead their concept of God consists of what they refer to as a god-force or life-force.

Who would have believed it possible even a generation ago? Independent newspapers have also been the target of establish- ment takeovers and mergers. We are Americans; we have a unique responsibility to do die hard work of freedom. Rhodes used his wealth liberally to advance the cause of world government. And we move toward the next century more confident than ever that we have the will at home and abroad to do what must be done-the hard work of freedom.


Lists with This Book. It took these three experiences to knock me out of my complacency.

Referring to the Persian Gulf War, Bush occupatiom on to reveal what this “higher purpose” was. The effort was clearly being internationally coordinated. This book will kay equip you with the knowledge and spiritual discernment needed both for the present and for the days ahead.

They had also served on powerful Senate banking and finance committees and knew a great deal about these matters. It is difficult to believe that The Rockefeller Foundation and the National Education Association could have sup- ported these textbooks.

The forces of evil, I believe, will always have more power in “this world” because of the devious strategies they are willing to employ to accumulate money and then to manipu- late others with it Chapter Two Global Politics Within months of first learning about these economic manipu- lations, I would discover that these same forces were promoting their agenda in the political realm as well.

Beneath the invitation was writ- ten Serious Students Only! The fact was, and con- tinues to be, that the Arab princes gar most of their wealth to the Rockefellers and their allies. A one-world government could not be accomplished through a perceived dictatorship.

En Route to Global Occupation

During the s and 70s, thanks to the efforts of Congress- men Wright Patman, Larry McDonald, and others, the message had begun to reach the American people. In order to be accepted, the New World Or- der would have to ride in on the back of what appeared to be a trusted democracy. What I discovered was even more disillusioning than the situation concerning the media.