Building the GEK Gasifier in Seven Parts: This project is part of a series of ALL Power Labs showing how to create a Honda Accord that runs on wood gas. Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood. Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. GEK gasifier. I’ve been planning on putting a gasifier on our farm truck for some GEK The gasifier Experimental Kit is a gasifier company that started up.

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I am working on an idea of using the hot Lister exhaust to dry and torrefy the woodchip fuel. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

The Keith gasifier is designed to produce a moderate amount of power about 90 HP – plenty to move you down the road in a light truck, and still small enough to idle well. I own a rice mill so naturally the rice hull will be my fuel. I kept waiting and waiting for the gas to ignite. Insert image from URL Tip: I have no personal web page. No images or files uploaded yet. This will give a 1″ overlap seam – which could be sealed with weatherstrip and pop-rivetted – for the non welders amongst us.

The only thing at all special on the whole design is the reduction tube 3′ x 4″ cast reducer and Jim himself and others are now fabricating that part out of rolled welded steel. I know the paper work sucks but it makes replication easier.


Good Luck Steve Unruh” we’re now making them out of 16awg stainless, not 4mm. A huge gasifier might power a heavy truck at speed, but not produce good gas at an gekk. Even with the highest turndown ratio of any gasifier made, we’re pushing the plxns.

Show them the pictures and have a local fab shop make it out of 4mm metal. All resources are divided by version, so make sure you are working with the most recent one. Different goals than the spouse.

GEK Gasifier Kits – ALL Power Labs

Insert image from URL. Large generators will be more like automotive applications, with some added automation to keep things running smoothly. GEK Wiki log in help.

Jim’s recent map showed about 45 GEKs shipped world wide. Hello Ken Bock – as a fellow Lister type owner I think a simple steel rod from the engine to the reactor body would provide more than enough shake.

This would allow caps to be screwed on for nozzle size reduction if needed. Is there a better mode? As a mechanic I think if your jets were all turned 90 degrees away from center a 6″ mm tube could ggasifier inserted and the air nozzles turned into your holes.

Aside from the issue of wood storage in this situation, it’s likely to require more power than the current systems can produce.

Good Luck Steve Unruh.

The ideal vehicle is a Dodge Dakota with a V8 engine. My goal is to basifier produce 3kw electricity sustainable off of wood grown and harvested on our 20 acre wood lot. There is significant heat energy in the exhaust gases, and the torrified woodchips will absorb the soot and aromas of burning vegetable oil, as well as providing sound-deadening. Farm work is mostly below 30 MPH.


How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier

We will all of course have to modify configurations later to optimize for our own site specific fuels. A modular gasification technology produces on-demand, plsns syngas”. Or considered from the other direction, the new GEK Gasifier kit is the complete Power Pallet minus the engine, genhead, engine governor, and various engine related accessories. Cruising the freeways is a part of the American Gasifer, but it’s much more affordable when you’re burning scrap lumber instead of gasoline!

Indoor biochar producing TLUD gasifier. So small stationary power in the 6 hp range. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Third GEK is for a flare off to create heat for the rice dryer seventeen kw.

Thermocouple installation and use Pressure: To gasivier an order or to learn more, contact our Sales Team.

Me doing less precise science, just look into one of 7 nozzle bore to observe degree of brightness within the hearth. No images or files uploaded yet. Retrieved 8 January InAll Power Labs reached an installed base of machines in approximately 40 countries. I guess for biased and trust reasons, not to mention price and quality I would recommend the Vulcan Gasifier line of products.

Last but not least is GEK for spark converted Ford industrial six cylinder diesel to run the rice mill.