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Blom heeft wellicht zoveel prestige dat geen redacteur hem nog durft terecht te wijzen. No trivia or quizzes yet. Romantic Enlightenment relates to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his followers. Het salon van Holbach aan de Rue Royale werd verder gretig bezocht door buitenlandse sceptische denkers die er van hielden van gedachten te wisselen met gelijkgestemde zielen: Books by Philipp Blom.

He is a professional historian who studied at Vienna and Oxford with a focus on eighteenth-century intellectual history. A terrific read, erudite and witty, this packs an impressive amount of information, much of it quite abstract, bloj a fast-moving and absorbing narrative.

At the table at Grandval, chez Holbach, they would sit down to delectable poulets a la Reine, cold pate, and raspberry gelee they actually give a menu from one of the gnete in the book and talk about the philosophy, philpip largely their intense dislike thereofand groundbreaking science.

All in all a good read.

While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement of the philosophesI did find this a chore to read through starting about halfway. The only complaint I had was the detail in which the author explained the ideas of the philosophes.

Even today, this vision has lost none of its persuasiveness and appeal. This is an interesting interpretation of the radical enlightenment within Pre-Revolutionary French society. Rousseau systematically dismantled the theological framework that had been built up over centuries to maintain the power of kings and the sanctity of property.

Forgive my unmentionably irritating pun, but this is sacred to me: There’s some valuable stuff in here, but it feels kind of muddled, since it’s such a mix between the gent history and the personal stuff.

Met kleurrijke details en anekdotes over alle protagonisten zet Blom de Philosophes neer als mensen van vlees en bloed genye ook hun kleine kantjes hadden.

Karl Popper includes Rousseau among the enemies of the open pelgrosa and in the post-war period both Hannah Arendt and Herbert Marcuse were to expand on this theme. Zo wordt de link gelegd tussen enerzijds het tamelijk onbekende Griekse epicurische denken via de Romein Lucretius en de wegbereiders Pierre Bayle en Baruch Spinoza en anderzijds Diderot en Holbach.


About half way through I was getting pretty fed peigrosa. The latter still flirted with the political status quo and entertained deism. The view that Rousseau was the originator of totalitarianism is entirely unhistorical.

Ellul’s observation that when one rejects religion and God, one cannot help erecting another religion and god to take their place, is perfectly illustrated in this story.

Nov 23, Lauren Bolm rated it liked it Shelves: It was a huge publishing success: Those whose knowledge of the intellectual side of the Enlightenment is moderate to extensive will gain little from the book, but it was still interesting to learn about some of the private lives, loves, and feuds of the people involved therein.

It starts slowly but fully held my interest to the end. In the government revoked its license, but the book continued to be produced illegally. For one thing, it unequivocally demonised Robespierre, who I have a fascination with. The ideas expounded on by these protagonists are presented more or less historically in relation to the specific players involved; many of the ideas themselves Blom points out are not necessarily all that new at all, some extending at least as far back as to Epicurus and Lucretius and the author briefly presents these ideas within their own specific histories — so there is often some overlapping involved but certainly not to the extent of creating confusion.

After giving some initial biographical information of the characters that loom the largest in the book — Diderot, Holbach, and Rousseau — we proceed to learn more about their thought and their circle of what are usually considered more minor friends. I did like the extra information regarding their lives, how they changed, and the reflectivity of viewing their lives th While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement of the philosophesI did find this a chore to read through starting about halfway.

In A Wicked Companyacclaimed historian Philipp Blom retraces the fortunes of this exceptional group of friends.

Gente peligrosa: El radicalismo olvidado de la Ilustración europea – Philipp Blom – Google Books

Surely it will get better! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However these would become precursors to our own sentiments on the subject: It became more prevalent in liberal circles following the Blomm Revolution when Rousseau was seen as an inspiration for Bolshevism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment. Jun 20, Ben rated it liked it. Or perhaps I need to find a salon dedicated to that discussion thread i Really enjoyed this book, the author does protest too much about Rousseau, but still a great read.


In Western culture, the late 17th and most of the 18th century is known as The Enlightenment — a European intellectual movement where reason was placed on centre stage and used as the basis for submitting all traditional values into question.

Philipp Blom

Rousseau, in particular, is painted as one major-league asshole. Not only are the lives and ideas of the current characters discussed in context, but Blom also takes the time to discuss those people that influenced their thought, some of which I only now realized I had not fully fleshed out before.

I felt like maybe it was supposed to be the There’s some valuable stuff in here, but it feels kind of muddled, since it’s such a mix between the intellectual history and the personal stuff. Superb account of radical French Enlightenment intellectuals, Diderot and d’Holbach, whom the author believes history has forgotten, partly because they were bold enough to be atheists.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Trivia About A Wicked Company This book is a spectacular introduction to some of the major personalities of an era that gave birth not only to the French and American Revolutions, but also to most of modern science and philosophy. It’s just an intro, right?

Other times it is seasoned with delicious gossip of these European luminaries, les philosphes, of the 18 Century.