George Athanassakos is a Professor of Finance and the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing at Ivey Business School. He has been ranked among the top by Dr. George Athanassakos, Professor of Finance, Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing and Director, Ben Graham Centre of Value Investing – Ivey Business. Dr. George Athanassakos. Professor of Finance Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing & Founder & Managing Director, Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing.

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This indicates that prior academic research was right in excluding negative multiple firms from their analysis as inclusion would have affected the athanassalos of their sample and would have diluted their findings and tests of significance. A vast literature documents the importance of individual personality in explaining variation in choice, yet many questions remain regarding the determinants of investment choices. We show that there are distinct differences between US exchanges which means that papers that aggregate all US exchanges under one umbrella may dilute findings and bias conclusions.

George Athanassakos – The Globe and Mail

It is shown that traditional valuation methods such as the discounted cash flows approach understate value twice first, when risk changes over time and second, when flexibility matters to an investment decision. We document a consistently strong value premium over the May 1, April 30, sample period, which persists in both bull and bear markets, as well as in recessions and recoveries.

Finally, we provide evidence that the return of a portfolio strategy that buys sells stocks that rank low high in the composite score indicator has significant explanatory power in an asset pricing model framework and that such a strategy earns statistically significant positive returns.

We extend this research by examining whether measurable behavioral and personality factors predict investment style, including risk gworge, time preference, overconfidence, personal evaluation of the investment opportunity, and character strengths. At the same time, firms that offer diverse risk characteristics are attractive to Americans.

All robustness tests substantiate and consolidate the support for the gamesmanship hypothesis. Second, to examine whether an additional screening to the first step of the value investing process can be employed to separate the good value stocks from the bad ones. Athanassakos has also written articles for the Financial Post and currently writes, as a guest columnist, about investments and economic and financial topics in The Globe and MailCanada’s largest athanassaoos newspaper, and the Canadian Investment Review.

Public lecture by Dr. George Athanassakos (30/5/16)

The observed high PE ratios may make most investors turn away from such investments, although the high PE ratios may be justified based on the option to great riches in the future and the lower risk associated with Internet ventures’ cash flows in the future given successful progression through early phases. We also find that the return of a portfolio strategy that buys sells stocks that rank low high in the composite score indicator has significant explanatory power in an asset pricing model framework.


We were able to construct a composite score indicator SCOREcombining various fundamental and market metrics, which enabled us to predict future stock returns and separate the athanasdakos from the losers among value and growth stocks. In this paper, we document the following: He has researched extensively the Canadian Capital Markets, Stock and Bond Market anomalies, and Bond and Equity valuation issues both from a traditional valuation and Value Investing point of view.

Seasonality is also observed in the value premium. He is recipient of teaching awards — his teaching ratings are amongst the highest given at the University, irrespective of whether the seminars taught were in Canada or abroad. Learn how value is created. While investors understand the benefits of international diversification, as they are attracted to geroge that are different e.

He is author of numerous academic research papers and of two books, Derivatives Fundamentals and Equity Valuation. We show that the value premium is not driven by a few outliers, but it is pervasive as the overwhelming majority of stocks in the value portfolio have positive returns, and the majority of the industries in our sample have positive value premiums. He has been ranked among the top 10 researchers in Canada and among the top 10 Canadian professors.

The objective of this paper is to investigate whether the current practice among financial planners of recommending stocks at an early age and progressively moving into cash or bonds as retirement approaches would be appropriate. The statistical analysis that follows the tabulation of survey results indicates companies that used EVA had a better stock price performance than those not using EVA.

Furthermore, this article demonstrates that value investors do add value, in the sense that their process of selecting truly undervalued stocks, via in-depth security valuation of the possibly undervalued stocks and arriving at their investment decision using the georgs of ‘margin of safety’, produces positive excess returns over and above the naive approach of simply selecting low PEPBV ratio stocks.

The opposite is true for government of Canada bonds. Our results are athanassakos with, but, in general, stronger than, those of other US studies. Athanassakos has been ranked among the top 10 researchers in Canada by research published in Financial Management and among the top 10 Canadian professors by the Globe and Mail.

We find that firms with negative multiples are indeed different than firms with positive multiples in that a a relatively small number of firms with negative multiples experience high forward stock returns even though the majority of them does not resulting in a large difference between mean and median returns and b the value, size, liquidity and business risk premiums behave differently for negative vs.


Rules to identify potentially undervalued stocks. It seems that both risk and mispricing may play a role in explaining the value premium, although the scale of the evidence seems to tilt more to the side of mispricing.

Skip to Main Content. He has researched extensively the institutional geore of the Canadian capital markets, the effect institutional trading and analysts’ forecasts have on athanasaakos market performance, stock and bond market anomalies and bond and equity valuation issues.

Strategies to create portfolios which will outperform in the long run.

Link s to publication: CV Motivation letter Payment of the registration fee English knowledge. The paper investigates two questions a whether there is value premium in a sample of Canadian non-interlisted stocks for the period May 1, April 30,and b whether an additional step to screening for possibly undervalued stocks can be employed to separate the good stocks from the bad ones, as not all low PE stocks are worth investing in.

His books include Derivatives Fundamentals and Equity Valuation: Using separately AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE stock market data for the periodthe purpose of this paper is to examine whether negative multiple firms are different from positive ones by examining the performance of negative PE or PB firms and how this performance compared with the most widely examined positive multiples firms.

We document strong seasonality in excess returns of Canadian stocks and government bonds. The findings, which are pervasive across athanasaakos markets examined, are consistent with the gamesmanship hypothesis and portfolio rebalancing by professional portfolio managers. We find that a strong and atanassakos value premium exists in Canada over our sample periods that persists in bull and bear markets and during recessionsrecoveries.

Moreover, our logit regression analysis shows that companies with better stock market performance exhibited higher likelihood of using EVA.

The paper also shows that a PE based search process does a better job in identifying value stocks and arriving at more consistent and sizeable value premium than a search process based on PBVs. This is because while portfolio managers seem to rebalance aggressively into value stocks at the beginning of the year, they switch out of growth stocks more aggressively in the second half of the year, thus negating the argument that value stocks bear more athanassakis that growth stocks.

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