George Gessert is an artist whose work focuses on the overlap between art and genetics. His exhibits often involve plants he has hybridized or documentation of . George Gessert has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MA in fine art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From to the present. George Gessert THEIR SILENCE IS A GIFT Interview by Arjen Mulder The question of beauty is a natural one for breeders of ornamental plants and flowers for.

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George Gessert – Wikipedia

Encounters with the unimaginable introduce us to the immensity of being. Towards an Art of Evolution. In turn, we cultivate selected plants and protect them from predators. What kind of criteria do you use that allow you to call your breeding practice “bio art”?

We need beauty, ugliness, manifestations of forbidden desires, models of mutually beneficial partnerships, and much more. The role of the artist is to have one foot in the culture and one foot out. It was tremendously exciting for me but implicit in contemporary art. What have plants taught you about this relationship? I do not have answers to most of these questions. George Gessert was born in in MilwaukeeWisconsin. Or else I follow the trajectory of what has emerged.

George Gessert [1, 2] is an artist who breeds irises and other plants. Most widely held works by George Gessert.

As a result many highly bred plants have come to look alike: Beyond scientific definitions of Homo sapiens, I’m not sure what it means to be human. His exhibits often involve plants he has hybridized or documentation of breeding projects. Watching them grow, and helping them along, I no longer felt like a lone artist, but connected to creative energies that already reside in materials and in the world. However, I never would have asked them if I had not begun to examine the aesthetic aims of ornamental plant hybridization.


Gessert creates his artistic irises by hybridizing wild varieties and discarding undesirable results. In an envelope with a collage of different flowers the artist has created seed cocktails he calls “Secret Storm,” “Rapture’s Apogee” and “Twilight Sensation. One must always be ready for the unexpected, for new life that is just as good or better than what one sought.

Gessert, George [WorldCat Identities]

Sites and events with object scores, clues, soil projects, weathervanes by George Gessert Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 4 WorldCat geotge libraries worldwide. He is especially interested in plant aesthetics and ways that human aesthetic preferences affect evolution. Thank you for speaking with us George!

I like to think that some of my hybrids provide other people with this glimpse too. I don’t see plant breeding as a competition, either between myself and plants or between myself and other plant breeders or artists. But the question drew me into considering how complex our relationships are with other species and how other forms of life can sometimes benefit from the human desire for aesthetic pleasure. Dust and light by George Gessert Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 7 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The viewer is confronted by the mystery of physical reality and by the workings of his or her mind before that reality. AuthorIntervieweeAuthor of introductionGeoge. In the meantime artists have worked out problems of exhibiting organisms in the biologically hostile environments of traditional galleries and museums, and as a result, it is no longer surprising to see nonhuman creatures on display.


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Animals — vertebrates and many invertebrates as well — resemble us in having eyes, mouths, limbs and so forth. Gdssert of Life is the first book to focus exclusively on art that uses geotge as its medium, defining and discussing the theoretical and historical implications of bio art and offering examples of work by prominent artists.

Flowers of human presence: Can we play some role other than tyrant in the community of life? We can apply this knowledge to biotechnology.

George Gessert

Broadly speaking, ornamental plant breeding is one of the most open-ended ways we have to explore our capacity to affect life on the genetic level. It seems as if horticultural bio art was the one stronghold in the veorge arts where beauty survived.

Can our interactions bring joy into the world? That dualism dominated Western gallery art until very recently. George Gessert is a bioart pioneer.

In the light of art, the challenge for the plant breeder is to recognize aesthetic value in new life forms. Over time I also get to know something about my own evolving perceptions of particular plants. Art and biology bibliography by George Gessert 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.