The GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder) records video and audio data over TCP/ IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers. Security Controls for safe guarding property Camera Installer plus Service in the Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding area. Geovision DVR NVR Software Manual – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Turn the switch to the ON position. After a targeted object stops moving, the highlighted region and the top-right channel will remain fixed on the area for the number of seconds specified. After the extraction, the recorded files will be composed of key frames only. Enable the recording function. Click Configure button No. I’m a new customer. In the Record List window, expand a Camera folder to display all found date folders and time-segment files. Setting up a Merging Schedule 1.

In the Media geovieion, select the method and destination to back up the log files.

To apply this function, follow the steps below. Click the Camera and Audio buttons to select which camera and audio are accessible through multicast. Select whether to manyal files in EXE format. There are two ways to launch ViewLog: Type a hint that would remind you of the password when the password you entered is incorrect.

Geovision manual ** – Школа 5 ПЛЮС

If you just want to delete a specific event or several events within one day, select the event or multiple events on the Video Event list, and right-click to select Delete. Sets up MDB filter. Through the Web Interface of WebCam 1. Otherwise, you can only access the snapshots by using Quick Search and ViewLog players.


Improves the audio quality during playback without affecting the files. A dialog box appears. Click the Setting button on the right side of the panel. However, this table may help you to decide which application to use under a given situation.

GeoVision Fully Clean Up & Uninstall all Geovision Main System Software and Drivers – Worldeyecam

You can start speaking to other hosts. Triggers the specified output module when the input is activated. Use the mouse to outline a mask region where motion will be ignored. Click the button to bring out the on-screen control panel, shown as follows: Specify the maximum pre-recording frames of the system.

A schedule starts the surveillance system automatically. Appears if unattended objects show up within a defined camera view. Use the slide bars to adjust the PTZ camera view. Clicking the Refresh button will refresh the information in this window.

Indicates the remaining hard disk space. To see the firmware versions that support this function and the default resolutions after the camera is added, refer to Appendix I. The default audio port is Each module provides 4 to 16 connected relay output devices. Has a smooth sound quality but without audio and video synchronization.

After a display position is assigned and the camera becomes connected, you can also access beovision following options: See System Configuration later in this chapter. Figure Select an Input number to be set up. The Delete dialog box will then appear, and you can follow the steps described above to delete files without setting up the time period.


CCTV Camera Pros Geovision 8.5 Multicam Digital Surveillance System User Manual

When the staff leaves from the geoovision door, the system stops monitoring. Activates the output device when a scene change is detected. The duration is from 3 to seconds, with 3 seconds as default. This allows the user to see the system is on and working, but at the geoviskon time does nothing with the system.

Use the control tabs to switch among them. When the transaction item is identified, the feature can trigger the alarm and send out the alert message.

If a target appears after the specified idle time, the PTZ will start tracking. Paint, select Show snapshot at the bottom of the Moving Object List window and double-click the desired frame.

Specifies the frequency of automatic video snapshot. Assign an installed input module and a pin number for the application. Select one camera geovisiln the drop-down list and enable Camera.