Bluetooth Smart heart rate chest belt is made for the users of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, NEW iPod Touch (5th generation), the NEW iPod Nano (7th generation), iPad . G. Pulse 12 Function Heart Rate Monitor equipped with Soft Rubber Heart Rate Transmitter (ACS-HRMF). Restore to the very first shape of heart rate monitor, . Bluetooth Smart & ANT+ DUAL heart rate chest belt is not only compatible with iOS 6(iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, NEW iPod Touch (5th generation), the NEW iPod.

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The physiological measurement display as claimed in claim 1, wherein the electronic device has at least one insertion hole defined therein and at least one external minitor plate connected to the one insertion hole for increasing the accuracy of measurement.

Used it once and there moniyor sat. In use of the present invention, the adjustment section 13 is used to adjust the length of the strip 10as illustrated in FIG. As a whole, it is not an ideal one, this is because the physiological measurement display has only one LCD display light to indicate whether it is operated normally, but no display is installed to show the data real time.

It is our pleasure to help you a funny and health life! An electronic device 20 is connected monotor the strip We just installed a new battery in the wrist monitor and it works fine. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Heart Rate Monitor – International Co., Ltd.

Wetterladen – Freizeit- und Sportartikel. Method and apparatus for measuring subcutaneous fat using ultrasonic wave. Show only Lifebeam items. However, these descriptions and the appended drawings are only used to cause those skilled in the art to understand the objects, features, and characteristics of the present invention, but not to be used to confine the scope and spirit of the present invention defined in the appended claims.


Comfort is the key when training.

Track your fitness level and chart your improvements with a heart rate monitor from Amazon. Skip to main content. Taking care of it is a snap.

When used with this application, the chest strap can monitor key statistics like pace, calories burned, heart rate, and more! Show only Pyle-Sport items.

The conductive portions 12 may have a form of a web, a stripe, or a sheet. Please ask questions before bidding. It is all there in the original box with everything. The fabric of the strap can be removed and hand-washed as often as needed. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Moreover, the electronic device 20 is installed with auxiliary indications, such as alarm lights 23and the speaker Show only SPEQ items. The electronic device 20 is installed with a level meter 25 which has buoyant ball for viewing the horizontality and orientation of the users gpuulse are not good in equilibrium.

Show only Soleus items.

The conductive portion 12 is adhered to the surface of the body of the user. The electronic device 20 is installed with heaet processor therein not shown so as to measure the physiological data of the user. Furthermore in emergency, the physiological measurement unit of the prior art has no auxiliary function to alert the user or medical persons.


Heart Rate Monitor, Cyclocomputer Manufacturer – International Co., Ltd.

Some colours are Prime eligible. You May Also Like. Free UK Delivery by Amazon. An interior of the strip 10 is installed with two conductive portions 12 made of conductive material.

Connect the strap wirelessly via BT 4. Bought new and only used for a few weeks. An interior of the buckling grooves 21 are conductive so that the electronic device 20 is electrically connected to the strip 10 through the buckling grooves Show only Oregon items.


The plastic heart-rate module is removable from the strap so you can wash the strap as often as needed. An outer side of the electronic device 20 is pivotally installed to one end of a display panel To achieve above objects, the present invention provides a physiological measurement display which comprises a strip having: The main body is made of flexible material and a backside thereof has two conductive cloths.

In this embodiment, those identical to the above embodiment will not be further described herein. While swimming or other activities, the Smart Sensor records your data for easy wireless transfer later to your Ambit3 watch or the Suunto Movescount App.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Standard heart rate transmitter. The prior art physiological measurement strip has an elastic strip and a measure unit. Show only Cicli Bonin items.