V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in He came to England on a scholarship in He spent four years at University College, Oxford, and began to write. Guerrillas has ratings and 82 reviews. AC said: This is only my first read Naipaul — I listened (via audible) to Bend in the River, and loved it crux of the plot of Naipaul’s novel, Guerrillas. This fictional text his literary achievements, Trinidad-born V. S. Naipaul has produced an impressive array.

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He uses the word schoolgirl as an adjective throughout the novel to describe a mature woman in a complex relationship who has already seen her share of hardship This book reads like a bad Graham Greene novel, minus the pacing and the interesting characters.

As it is, we only get guerrillws in-depth guerrillas with Bryant, near the start of the book there are also some technical implausibilities which I won’t get into here. A Bend in the River. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Want to Read saving…. He hates Jane for making him feel inadequate, on this island inadequacy is assumed to be sexual shortcomings. In contrast, Naipaul’s judgment comes through in every line. The above would be true even if the action under discussion did not include the canary-in-the-mine that is heterosexual sodomy.

An inevitability cannot perform that function. So, that adds it own layer of complexity — not only are gender and sex important themes in the novel, they are in the approach to the story by gurrillas author guerriklas reader.

Most of the story happens in the minds of these characters, and the revolution, when it does erupt, happens off-stage and is a damp squib, quickly put out by the authorities and the police who are fed by the islanders — so where are the guerrillas and where is their support base? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. On the other hand, whenever Naipaul speaks in the patois of the locals, it reveals much and is very incisive.

She was without consistency or even coherence. The white woman as an object of ultimate sexual fulfillmet or disillusionment? In fact, the majority of the text seems to be comprised of non-narrative landscape scenes that punctuate dialogues and the slow unfolding of tragedy. That Naipaul can tell both these stories so seamlessly in a single narrative is amazing. The characters are drawn with great depth and individuality; not one of them is sympathetic.

This is a vicerally powerful and profoundly disturbing novel.

Guerrillas (novel) – Wikipedia

He has linked up with a self-centered, unthinking woman and gotten involved in a dubious “back to the land” project with some unsavory island figures. And Jane herself, the succubus, cold to Roche, attracted to Jimmy and to his deviant sexuality, is not sure if her guergillas belongs on the island or back in England. The tension begins to build with the very first word, and doesn’t let up until the very last.

The basic idea is that we are all pawns in Fate’s chess game. As guergillas socialize with the privileged, Roche finds Jane contradictory and politically naive about her own place in the power structure, while also being challenged about his own motives and purpose.

This is not a pretty or funny or pleasant novel.


How the sequence means: In this way, I attempt to come to terms with what Joan Didion writes of Naipaul’s fiction, about this book, and different ones: Jul 21, Andrewh rated it liked it. Perhaps his attempt to write about purely English characters, compared to the novels about Trinidad which he knew so intimately, was not successful.


I do really like certain aspects of this style, plot development, etc.

Minor point, but the father is much stronger than the son. Nov 01, Nathan rated it really liked it. Views Read Edit View history. View all 4 comments. He brings an uncompromising intelligence to a unique perspective on the world at large, as it is vv.s.naipaul by the multiracial, multicultural children of Empire who as a consequence of their mixed heritage, are political orphans in perpetual exile.

The politica Guerrillas by V. It is certainly true that a very disappointed air hangs over his work; nothing fails to guerril,as him down, the world is basically a bummer. May 27, Lydia rated it it was ok Shelves: One day someone will write one such scene, and it will be necessary to the artwork.

He can write a page, but he cannot write a novel. Guerrillas, half dream and half news story, outlines the ugly cracks in the ideological jigsaw of a Caribbean island just next door to Naipaul’s native Trinidad–a state where “everybody wants to fight his own little war, everybody is a guerrilla.

V.s.naipaup dark violent book, I failed to understand what is the theme. The novel is stronger if we don’t see Jane’s death, but we do see Roche’s discovery.

Jane’s character is not as shallowly drawn as it might initially seem, but it’s hard to get a handle on her when the perspective keeps switching from her own to how she is perceived by Roche.

Oct 16, Bob Newman rated it liked it. This is not a novel about guerrillas, freedom fighters, or the right to self-rule.