Grade Rosie Moon, 15, is waiting for life to happen-school is dull, her mother won’t let her get a nose ring, and her parents seem to be breaking up. In Lowry’s artfully constructed novel, originally published in Australia, year-old Rosie is GUITAR HIGHWAY ROSE. Brigid Lowry, Author. Guitar Highway Rose. Genre: Young Adult. Guitar Highway Rose. By: Brigid Lowry He has dreadlocks, a guitar and a bad case of the gypsy blues.

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I loved the mention of Crocodile Dundee and numerous appearances of Vegemite.

There is multiple points of views and no punctuation in parts, snapshots and poetry giving it a very unique format. Quotes from Guitar Highway Highwayy.

Guitar Highway Rose

Lowry’s writing has a very lyrical feel and also hoghway little bit different. This book with its wonderful title is told in fragments, little snippets i would call them.

This is just a beautiful story. Rosie Moon lives in a small seaside town in Australia, where experiencing life is limited to walks on the beach and secretly piercing your nose. Popular and smart, fifteen-year-old Rosie Moon is the quintessential good girl. I absolutely love this book.

I especially love the way the author writes in this– Not your everyday, typical teenage angst, but given to the reader in a lighthearted and somewhat humorous perspective.

Just for a week or so. Rosie, desperate to break away from her own small-town troubles, decides to go with him, and the two take off on a cross-country search hjghway adventure, freedom and, of course, love.


With the grant safely in the bank, armed birgid nothing more than a flimsy idea about a girl who wanted a nose-ring, Brigid wrote Guitar Highway Rose.

Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry

She has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches creative writing here and there. Teachers Notes Download teachers notes. Sep 02, Kylie rated it liked it Shelves: Brigid’s early, rather awful poetry was made into a small loery by her father, a printer and typographer, and sold to kindly relatives for two and sixpence a bigid. I WISH this were my favorite quote from the book: Discover what to read next. It is sure an interesting idea to tell a story this way but it really didn’t work f Ok, I am out.

Too bad I didn’t much care for the brigd format, or the experimental style with lists and doodles and continuous switching of point of views. The narrative unfolds in brief chunks of text; some of it is straightforward, while Asher’s thoughts are relayed as stream-of-consciousness without punctuation elsewhere the author includes samples from their class assignments and such flourishes as lists of what animals the lodry would choose to be if they could. No trivia or quizzes yet. This book is a short read.

Hihway hitchhike up the Australian coast, meeting people along the way and discovering things about themselves and other people. They guiar from nowhere and feed on excitement, sprinkled with adventure juice and the sweet flavour of the forbidden. Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry. Return to Book Page.


She’s 15, feels like her parents are dumb and just don’t understand her. With all that said I think this book could work for some people, maybe younger teenagers who would like to try an interesting structured book.

Trivia About Guitar Highway Rose. Sometimes you just need to escape from everything family, friends, school, work, etc.

I could understand Rosie’ s want for, in her words, a juicier life. Will probably keep and re-read one day. With all that the book deals with, it retains a positive and a briigd fluffy atmosphere, in which I somehow kept seeing pink and sunshine.


Want to Read saving…. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Rosie tests new boundaries with her parents, especially over the issue of a nose ring, and becomes exasperated over frequent confrontations with her controlling mother. The writing style is light and very much unique as it allows brigd into the lives of Rosie, Asher and their loery during a time a transition and adjustment. Loved this one, especially the cool narrative style, switching between view points, stream of consciousness type thing, lists, letters, Lists with This Book.