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We learnt that kerosene, which people brought from market, came from the depths of the earth. The academician had vanished; this was just an ordinary, unsophisticated Kirghiz woman, guileless in both sorrow and joy.

Everyone began to talk and shout at once. As a child I went looking for some signs of the building, but nogel I searched and searched I never found anything. I must have had a premonition of disaster. And you, too, must stand where you are and not talk. The disappointed villagers saw their guest to the car and made her promise she’d come for a longer stay soon, for a week at the very least.

I thought her manner and tone were very strange. Meanwhile the sunset glow had dimmed, and darkness was quickly flooding the glens. Is it really you?

Lost Duishen(First Teacher) – Chinghiz Aitmatov – (Guru Geethaya)

It happened in I could not concentrate on my work, my fingers were all thumbs the yarn kept breaking off, and this maddened my aunt still more. The sketches are many, for I have had to begin at the very beginning again and again. We would listen to the haunting music of the winds, and the leaves all whispering together would speak of the enchantment of those mysterious lands hidden behind the bluish haze.


Then Soviet power was established, the bey went away, abandoning his property. Subscribe For Free Updates! Meanwhile, the character Duishen stands out of the crowd for all the courage and perseverance he had. You don’t need this girl perhaps, but we do, the Soviet state does. And it was not until late in the evening that he came down to the village again. Nineteen Eighty-Four, sometimes published asis a dystopian novel by George Orwell published in My whole body went strangely limp, and I lay down without uttering a word.

At the end of every month Duishen went to the regional center to report on his work. Mother will scold me if I’m home late. When, panting, we got to the hillock where our meetings were usually held, we saw the pale-faced young man in geetaya black army greatcoat addressing the riders and those who came on foot.

How Duishen stood it I don’t know–he was barefooted and he worked without a pause. A young artist who was brought up in the village and now have become a townsman and a middle aged Academician who too has born and brought up there but have left to the town at very early age guu her life take chance to reveal quite a remarkable tale of a great personality, Duishen.



I was the oldest of his pupils. A children’s amateur show followed, it was most entertaining, and after that the headmaster invited everyone to his place. Free Ebook – All Rights Reserved. People won’t let you go so soon. Um quoting the following ; “I suppose we all adored our teacher for his kindness, his goodness, for his dreams about our future.

But we, a bunch of barefooted scamps, would scramble up into the branches and raise havoc in the birds’ kingdom. What are you gaping at? A very old man in a badly worn fur coat suddenly interrupted him.

On and on I ran, noovel heart jubilantly singing to the land, the sky, and the wind: Yes, that was the year But the steppe remained indifferent to my soundless cry, and I wept, I don’t know why. Tell him to come in. May I stay with you tonight? If they’ll let you, stay the night there. He went on foot, and was usually away two or three days. I arrived a few days early, because I wanted to walk about and make some new drawings of my native district.

I’ll go there soon, I’m really homesick.