There’s no complicated wiring or set up procedures with the SC controller. Plug any Hach digital sensor into a Probe Module and it’s ready for use. More Confidence in Your Instrument’s. Performance. Available exclusively on the SC controller, Prognosys predictive diagnostics uses patented. SC Multi-parameter Universal Controller Display Module (without GSM/ GPRS).

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Standard configurations for a single Probe Module include; up to 4 potential free relay contacts for alarm and control functions, up to 12 analog outputs for measured values, up to 12 digital or analog inputs from instruments i.

Each network accepts a maximum of 32 devices. Additional advanced communication features include: Ethernet service port standard. The sc Display Module is intuitive, with an easy to use interface and large color touch-screen display that can wc1000 used for any number of parameters.

GSM wireless modem optional -use it for fully remote operation of the sc controller, including transfer of data and software updates.

Multimedia memory card slot standard. Controllers provide internal data and event logging based on user-configurable intervals. Standard configurations for a single Probe Module include. The Display Module is fully portable, sc100 can be disconnected and moved anywhere within the network.

Communication and relay options for the sc controller can be configured to suit any situation. Fully upgradable software ensures that this system will not become obsolete for the foreseeable future.


How you retrieve that information is up to you. Fully upgradeable software ensures that this system will not be obsolete. Ethernet port standard -attach a computer directly to the sc controller to operate the system from the computer. Digital outputs from the sc make it easy to integrate the controller into an existing network. Probe Module -Each sc Probe Module provides power to the system and can accept up to 8 digital sensors.

Available configurations for a single Probe Module include: For a complete system, order a display module one required per networkprobe module minimum of oneHach digital probe s and optional expansion accessories. Probe Modules can be added or removed depending on operational needs.

Instruments & Analyzers : Hach sc LXV

Additional analog outputs are available via digital network connection. Probe Modules can be networked together to accommodate many more sensors attached to the same network. The sc controller can adapt to your needs. Use the sc controller for hassle-free communications. Use it directly with 8 sensors or network several together to accommodate many more sensors and parameters.

The Hach sc Multi-parameter Universal Controller is a state-of-the-art modular controller system.

SC1000 Multi-parameter Universal Controller

Additional relays and analog inputs and outputs can be added by networking a second Probe Module or optional DIN-rail communication modules. Change probes without changing the controller. Alarms Low alarm point, low alarm point deadband, high alarm point, high alarm point deadband, off delay, and on delay.


Advanced communication features include: Dimensions Probe module with attached display module: Expandable and Upgradeable The sc controller can adapt to your needs.

The Display Module is fully portable and can be disconnected and moved anywhere within the network. Supported parameters include dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, suspended solids, nitrate, chlorine, ammonia, phosphate and more! SMS text messages and emails can be sent in the case of alarms and system warnings.

Hach sc1000 User Manual

Closed on National Public Holidays. MultiMediaCard MMC slot standard -transfer data and software updates using a tandard memory card like ssc1000 used in digital cameras. Probe modules can be upgraded with optional internal expansion accessories. Systems allow easy expansion to accommodate your changing operational needs—just add or change your inputs and outputs as needed.

SC Multi-parameter Universal Controller – Bavitech

Additional inputs are available via digital network connection. Modular design offers true plug-and-play operation. One Display Module controls one or several Probe Modules connected by a digital network.