Heresies of Westcott & Hort – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Brooke Foss Westcott () John Anthony Hort () On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and. Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible – Wescott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to.

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We see the trend to remove the truth of the Deity of our Lord Jesus in the new readings in almost every modern version of the Scriptures. Christian peace comes not from sin denied, or sin ignored, but sin washed away. He remained always a grateful and loyal member of the secret club It just does not exist.

Maurice, the son of a Unitarian minister was heretical. I have never underscored books so much as I have done in them.

Westcott and Hort

Part two of this subject, if the Lord enables, will deal with the thinking of Dr. These having received from the world of spirits a hatred for the true Word of God, are swiftly and surely leading multitudes into the same Satanic pitfall.

They furnished the death blow to the Textus Receptus. And as a mere matter of prudence, it seems to wextcott questionable to set up a single broad conspicious target for the philistines to shoot at, unless there is some very decided advantage to be gained.

Here is a revealing item from a late 20th. I will arrange it so that they will wextcott outright an open discussion or debate on the subject, and eventually with their conscience finally quieted, and seared will go on defending and teaching the very errors of which they will have become guilty. Any new Bible version has nowhere else to go for manuscript support, except to Vaticnaus and Sinaiticus, plus a very small number of manuscripts which constitute the principal basis for the new versions.

The mad rush to translate our modern versions and paraphrases into scores of other languages has and will do more to hasten the downfall of America and all nations that are in this manner deceived, than any other single event. Katherine on the slopes of Mt. He Maurice may have dwelt too exclusively on the idea of sacrifice which is suggested in Hebrews In Romish countries the Virgin is a nearer and more attractive object, not rejected by the dominant creed; and the Divine Son retires into a distant hortt world with the Father, Is it possible that there is still an American theologian who loves God and his country who would trust Hort in the realm of faith, doctrine, morals, and manuscripts?


The Thinking, Theories and Theology of Drs. Westcott and Hort

After enduring this agony for years Prometheus was released by Hercules with westott consent of Zeus. Zeus swore vengeance on Prometheus and had him chained naked to a pillar in the Caucasus Mountains. Heaven weeps, Luke I just want to share the truth about these men.

Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus and brought it down to man. Let us keep in mind the fact that Hort considered the idea of substitionary suffering an offense, and felt that the ransom could well be offered to Satan but never to the Father. He dethroned the Textus Receptus.

Is there one to whom this sounds foolish? Westcott, Historic Faithpp.

This seems to be a polite way of saying that Hort lied. Circumstances had made her an adherent of the Evangelical school, and she was to a certain degree hampered by it; the Oxford movement filled her with dread and anxiety as to its possible effect on her son.

It is one thing to have doctrinal differences on baby-sprinkling and perhaps a few other interpretations. hprt

hrt I cannot see that he has shown any special virtues or statesmanlike capacities I know human westxott well enough to ajd certain that many sincere men will be flattered at the thought of appearing scholarly, and they will identify themselves with scholarship and readings, which otherwise they would reject. Hort in his theories here. Let us now consider from is own admission the teachings for which he exchanged the glorious doctrines of Holy Scripture.


He was mainly responsible for the wording of the oath that binds the members to a conspiracy of silence. The depths of his repudiation of the truth is indicated by his scathing reference to the subject, when he suggest that Mariolatry may be accounted for. It savours of the type of spirit worship practiced by primitive peoples who are without the knowledge of God. It is, one can hardly doubt, the beginning of a new period in Or history.

What a day of reckoning lies ahead if Rev This is a point on which I should like hreesies have a long talk with Maurice himself The Testimony of a scholar who worked on the introduction to the New American Standard Version and was also on the board of translators of the Amplified Version.

In some cases this departure is openly manifested by a strictly forbidden prying into the occult.

I shall enlist the help even of sincere Bible believers by having them asked to write a wstcott in favour of each new version. Fuller has in his books, copies of which you possess. I hate it Slavery much more for its influence on the whites than on the niggers themselves.

One of the things, I think which shows the falsity of the Evangelical notion of this subject, is that it is so trim and precise Abel had the witness within himself that he was righteous, before God, because of his sacrifice offered wedtcott his own behalf. Discussion of these two books fills a large part of his letters for some months, and on the subjects of both he burned to speak openly.

I could not add much to what Dr. That is, where is the pure Word God? Upon investigation, I wrote my very dear friend, Mr. A service which he no doubt did not anticipate. Multitudes of these would never see their home land again.

The Chapter Headings were not in the original essay.