View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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Before using the instrument the first time, verify that it operates normally to ensure that the no damage occurred during storage or shipping.

Display the setting of the temperature unit. Page When replacing parts, please contact your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller.


Releasing the Auto-memory Press the key several times to turn off the icon. After tables of permissible value transfer is complete, click [OK]. This indicator is displayed when the batteries are almost out of power.

Be aware that excessive voltage pulses or static discharges can destroy the film. The following amnual shows the structure of the internal memory: Black Red Turn the instrument power on.

Press keys to select the comparator no. Ac Four-terminal Method Turn off the power to the instrument and remove the test leads.


If you have lost a screw or find that a screw is damaged, please contact hiokii Hioki distributor for a replacement.

Holding cannot be conduct- ed when the following val- ues are displayed: Press and key down, press key for three seconds or longer. Used for holding or cancelling the displayed values.

Accuracy We define measurement tolerances in terms of f. Retaining the Displayed Values 3. Press key again to return to ordinary settings. To avoid electric chock, turn off the power and disconnect the test manuzl before replacing the batteries. Chapter 10 Appendix Appendix Used for setting configuration values. Four-terminal measurement can be conducted just by clipping these to the subject. Voltmeter Calibration This will turn off the disconnect-detection feature.

operations manual hioki 3554

Page 9 Tablet Only for BT If so, replace it with a new fuse. To avoid damage to the instrument, do not enter voltage to the EXT. Used for storing displayed values to memory. In the location field, type [C: Press this key to complete the setting of comparator nos. Sometimes sparks may occur when the test leads are connected to batteries, which can ignite any accumulated inflammable gases such as hydrogen.

Reducing Induced Voltage Since the instrument measures a minute resistance with AC power, it is affected by induced voltage. Press key for two seconds or longer. While holding key down, press key. Activate — click on a window on the screen to activate that window.


Basic Usage Connect the test leads to the instrument. Click Following dialog box will appear and then Click [Yes].

The battery level indicator does not function accurately when using nickel metal hydride batteries. Voltage lower limit and icon is flashing.

Communications Function Users can manage the saved data on their smart phones and tablets. While holding key down, press key. Do not measure alternating voltage. Remove the cable protruding from the battery holder. Displayed when setting comparator threshold values.


Press keys to select digits. After the data is stored, the next available memory number is displayed. This requires the To avoid damage to the instrument, do not enter voltage to the EXT. To avoid electrocution, turn off the power switch and disconnect the test 354 before removing the lithium battery.