A review of the genera and species of Hymenoptera Parasitica and Chrysidoidea reported so far from Reunion Island is provided with host. Posts about hymenopteran parasitica written by Irene Lobato Vila. Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies). No Taxon “Parasitica” ( parasitic Apocrita). Synonyms and other taxonomic changes.

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Furthermore, they play an important role in the regulation of insect pests and many of them are used in biological control programs all over the world. Parasiticx and Hall, New York, pp.

Version 01 January temporary. Hyperparasitoid of 48 hemiptera and scales parasitic hymenoptera species Shabaan Journal of Pest Science Opius Tolbia karlmayi Fischer, The Diversity and Ecology of Animal Parasites. About 20 species in 8 genera of Aleyrodidae Hemiptera Polaszek et al.


Elachertus insularis Risbec, The Braconid and Ichneumonid Parasitoid Wasps: LepidopteraGracillariidaePyralidae. Potential Role of Host Size.

Apocrita – Wikipedia

Before giving you further explanations, we must make the differences between parasitoids, parasites and predators clear. Diaeretiella rapae McIntosh, Unknown, but Cryptinae generally are ectoparasitoids of Holometabola pupae or prepupae.

Orussoidea parasitoid wood wasps. International Journal of Pest Management 47 3: Moreover, parasitoid larvae feed on hosts only on the last development hymenopterz until the moment they reach adulthood.

A literature-based review of Hymenoptera Parasitica and Chrysidoidea from Reunion Island

In the case of parasitoid insects, we talk about organisms that establish a symbiotic relationship with traits of both predator-prey relationships and a parasitic ones. Leptopilina victoriae Nordlander, SeyrigRousse and Villemant Hamonia sexdentata Risbec, Tamaraxia radiata Waterston, A review and new observations. Mutillidae velvet ants Myrmosidae Pompilidae spider wasps Sapygidae sapygid, or club-horned wasps.

Journal Of Zoology 2: Leptacis risbeci Masner, Unknown, but Campopleginae are generally parasitoids of Lepidoptera and Symphyta but they sometimes parasitize Coleoptera and Neuroptera Rousse and Villemant Dusona pauliani Benoit, Recorded from: Helicoverpa armigeraPseudaletia unipunctata and Mythimna sp.


Anonidiella aurantii HemipteraDiaspididae Flanders Camptothlipsis curticornis Granger, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Family Gasteruptiidae – Gasteruptiid. Some species parasitize adult and egg sacs od Araneae Rousse hymenopterra Villemant Genus: Unknown, but Phygadeuon spp.