View and Download Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard owner’s manual online. Mobility California, Inc. declares that this XTBT01 is in compliance with the. XTBT • Company name: Think Outside, Inc. 85 Saratoga Ave. Suite Santa Clara, California USA. () IC Notice (Canada Only). I just stumbled across something while trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy S2 (the TMobile version) to an old iGo Stowaway Think Outside.

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I have the Dell branded black version and she has the Think Outside branded grey version. This PDA version has extra blue “functions” for win-ce and palmos, which don’t apply to the Nokia, nor a normal windows, mac, or linux box, but it might be interesting to see if ogo are keycodes which can be xmodmapped. Obviously, this cannot be done with the keycaps in place or rather, it cannot be properly done that way.

iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard review – Engadget

Tap Enable the next screen allows you to turn on access to the Stowaway keyboard to choose which keyboard to enable. Okay, maybe I am wrong. And no, there is no easier way yet. But I’m sure the n and bluetooth keyboards will continue to fluctuate in price during December, right? If I could get my hands on the bozo who came up with that idea Warranty Warranty Mobility California warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one 1 year from the date of original retail purchase.

iGo Think Outside Stowaway Ultra-slim Keyboard Xtbt01

Dated proof of original purchase will be required for warranty service, repair, or replacement. But when the geniuses at Nokia this is sarcasm, BTW copied their efforts, they thought it would be fun to make it less useful, and it has remained crippled until today. I have a feeling this forum will be very busy.


Ah, don’t sweat it mate. I’ve done this as have several others.

Customizing Your Keyboard Once the keyboard software is installed on the mobile device, you may customize the options. Xbt01 the keyboard icon once to display the Input Method Toolbar. I’m about to pair one I’m giving as a gift in like 10 mins, so I’ll report back: This is really weird as I have tried both ways with no luck ugo reflashed serveral times without restoring a backup to ensure I had a clean slate to work with.

So unless the keyboard has this option then rearranging the letters for those who need it is useless. Both my biz partner and I use Stowaways now the ultra-slim model with our Ns.

iGo Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard XTBT01 Smartphone iPhone

Reconnecting the Stowaway keyboard For information ifo Unsecured connections and re-connections see Unsecured Mode Settings. The keyboard works well with Android 4. All I did to get it to work was install the Bluetooth plugin. Today, Close, Programs, etc I ordered one of these, suppose to get it by this Wednesday. Are you using OS or the beta OS? I will add my two cents. I have no idea why there would be a connection between the cards being installed and not being able to pair the keyboard but really For country-specific approvals, see Radio approvals.

This is the state that allows it to be detected by the mobile device. I know that the cards I am using are some of the older type I really should not be using but everything seemed to work fine with them until this latest release.


This will place the phone into a scan mode. Not sure yet if it occurs in all apps, but it’s on by default.

All I get is the message “no devices found. There’s no real point. FCC Identification Information The following information is provided on the device or devices covered in this document in compliance with FCC regulations: To enable the Stowaway keyboard, tap the Enable button on the Config screen of the keyboard application.

Anybody figure out if and how you could program the Blue Fn functions on iho letter keys eg: You need to call Amazon and request the credit. The pairing should complete after a few seconds. Enter text from picture: If so is it adversely affecting your battery life when it’s not actively connected to the keyboard ie: The one you posted is ivo blackberry, and won’t work with the tablet.

I ordered this one from Amazon on Friday and received it today. Yes, we’re well aware. I can see that they haven’t shipped it, so I can cancel if someone will confirm that this one specifically doesn’t work with the N It seems that the S2 kind of “auto-generates” a PIN for this keyboard and possibly other similar Bluetooth devices where you can input a PIN from the device?

Hit “Scan for devices” and when the “Think Outside Keyboard” shows up tap ctbt01. How do I uninstall the keyboard driver? I really miss my keyboard, and I know it’s possible to get the two to work.