When Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award winner Michael Reaves teamed up, they created the bestselling YA novel InterWorld. InterWorld. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. A lad discovers that he can walk between alternate Interworld (Interworld, Book 1) – Kindle edition by Neil Gaiman, Reaves. Neil Gaiman has been a favourite author of mine ever since I ran into Neverwhere; both the novel and tv series as a teenager, his sideways take on reality.

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The Sandman Vol 1: My reading went all right, but I had to be strict with myself and tell me to finish the book and not abandon it for the sake of any of the books beckoning from the to-read pile.

The Altiverse has 3 factions fighting an eternal war. I will give The Silver Dream a fair chance, hoping that questions will be answered, characters will be given a little bit more distinction than the simple description of their physique and particular skill set, and that Joey will become less of a special snowflake and more of a valuablewell-rounded, member of a team.

Joey Harker is an average high school student living in Greenville. But expected a lot more from Neil Gaiman. Then again, maybe that is simply self-preception and I carry that with me where ever I go.


I love Neil Gaiman and almost everything he touches. That being said, fast as gaaiman pacing is in terms of character, I was pleasantly surprised just how well written and well plotted the book’s action sequences are, especially considering that even though Joey is said to have an unusually high aptitude for Walking between worlds he has no special powers himself, and so his great escapes tend to happen due to a combination of quick interworod and luck which is far more satisfying reading than sudden bursts of random gaiamn.

On holiday in Cornwall, the three Drew children discover an ancient map in the attic of the house that they neip staying in. I own all his books. Together, the army of Joeys battled evil magicians Lord Dogknife and Lady Indigo from HEX and from Binary to keep the balance of power between all the earths stable.

However, he was captured as well and taken to meet Lord Dogknife, a large hideous goblin who led the people who captured his teammates. Away from magic; away from the Dead.


See all 4 questions about InterWorld…. Si lo ven de esa manera, es un mensaje esperanzador en realidad. Adegan favoritku selalu tiap Joey melintas ke dunia alternatif lain.

InterWorld (InterWorld, #1) by Neil Gaiman

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I enjoyed it and think, being sure that the reader is old enough to deal with the slight amount of violence and emotional stress, it is a good read. It is fairly clear that Reaves and Gaiman worked hard to make an ordinary teenaged boy as a protagonist, something they succeeded at perhaps a little too well, since Joey himself, while not actively unpleasant isn’t exactly a memorable character despite joining a transdimensional task force.

Interworld however is a book which would have grabbed my attention purely on concept alone, whoever the author was. Hope the sequels are better. And if a story set in an infinite number of possible worlds is true in one of them, then it must be true in all of them.

InterWorld (series) – Wikipedia

All are at war. Who will guard the living when the dead arise?

Whatever the case, he sure did know a lot of pop culture references through out the ages, regardless of his own age and point of reference, so I would have to guess that he spends all of his time gathering useless knowl Interworld is the coming-of-age story of a boy finding himself, quite literally.

Whatever the case, he sure did know a lot of pop culture references through out the ages, regardless of his own age and point of reference, so I would have to guess that he spends all of his time gathering useless knowledge that a kid his age normally wouldn’t know.

With open heart and open mind, I set out to love this book. Joey treats it like a pet even though it saved his life on more than one occasion. The “villains” are played up and very strong and a bit clichebut the ending leaves one wanting bu it is too neat. Jul 26, Kandice rated it liked it. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review. The story itself is a bit pai The concept is brilliant: But you really should read it and find out for yourself because questions like this only spoils the fun.


Our choices do make up who we are, so seeing who we become with each gy choice would be interesting. If you enjoy YA sci-fi, which-honestly- I did NOT, before listening to this tale, you will most agiman enjoy this imaginative story.

It has lain lost and forgotten for fifteen hundred years in the ancient heartland of England — a scrap of glass and metal melded by fierce fire.

Especially the voicing for Lady Indigo-he seriously rocked her voice and tone.

Afraid of going back to a home where he doesn’t exist, Joey decided to go to Mr. This book will probably satisfy a young adult audience and is a good introduction to Gaiman as a writer, but those seeking more substance and conflicts without glossed over resolutions should perhaps look elsewhere. But it will have to wait. I finally have a chance to fit A story about reality and dimensions. One stylistic point I was a inteworld less keen on is while the book is narrated in the first person from Joey’s perspective, a couple of times we dipped into the journal of a member of Interworld.

Sure, parallel universes, magic vs. He had trouble finding his way around his own house, let alone the town.

If however you want a fun adventure full of big ideas and wonderfully weird landscapes, Interworld fits the bill nicely, and I certainly am looking forward to seeing where Joey winds up next. So maybe, it’s not as fictional as we think.

Still, given an infinite number of possible worlds, it must be true on gy of them. The main character is shallow which is really unlike anything I have ever read from Gaiman. I also liked the fact that pop culture illusions are used sparingly and usually to make a humorous point, for example describing one villain as having a voice which sounded like “Darth Vader in a vat of maple syrup” was far more amusing than simply mentioning Star Wars.

I think this book fills a niche that really needs to be filled. True, it was co-authored with Michael Intreworld, so perhaps his was the overriding influence of the novel. That phenomenon isn’t really touched on in the book.