June 17, pm PT by Rebecca Ford. ‘Transcendence’ Writer Jack Paglen in Talks for ‘Prometheus’ Sequel. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi. This is the reality for Jack Paglen, whose script for Transcendence found its way into the hands of the first time director and, eventually, up onto. If “Transcendence” paced its plot’s scientific events slower, it may much of Jack Paglen’s script for Transcendence – spaces out over a few.

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Paglen’s screenplay was listed on the edition of The Black Lista list of popular unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

He, or director Wally Pfister perhaps, added some absurd action scenes to my story. HEY, could anyone send the script to me. A side effect of the virus would be the destruction of technological civilization. transcenddnce

Screenplay Review – Transcendence

Sequences you can use in trailers. Meanwhile, a thousand lawyers hired by the original Starbucks are closing in. This one must have sold on character work and concept alone, and hopefully the plot has been brushed up during production.

But one of the agents protecting him is part of RIFT and lets another one of them in. The ending is quite grim.

Back in the boondocks, Max has realized just how dangerous Will has become, so has teamed up with the group who originally tried to kill him, the RIFT. Pfister’s usual collaborator, Christopher Nolanserved as executive producer on the project. Yes there would ba wolrd-wide panic, but knowing what nanomachines do would get him large support.


But the stronger Will gets, the less that will be the case. Retrieved June 23, If your muscles were so strong you could lift fifty times your own weight, they would snap your bones unless your arms and legs became thick and stumpy.

Jack Paglen

Evelyn tells Will that Max should not die because of what they’ve done, so Will uploads the virus to save Max. Retrieved April 18, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just for some explosions. British Board of Film Classification. The nanotechnology were developed in an underground lab, powered by a field of solar panels. The exact targets of their attacks are known, so what do the remaining potential targets do? Evelyn, however, grows fearful of Will’s motives when he displays the ability to remotely connect to and control people’s minds after they have been subjected to his nano-particles.

The Forbin Project is an overlooked gem. Gotta go watch it again. Retrieved April 9, The script also reminded me that a good writer can take his time getting into his blockbuster. Was he going to remove it from the rain after the water was purified?

But he could have been, say, another Robert Conrad or Robert Wagner not the worst thing to bebut instead he opted to forgo features and prime time TV in favor of a lucrative but less demanding career in soap operas. Retrieved June 12, Transcendence was also scheduled for a 3D release in China. Retrieved January 3, They would in yet another Michael Bay movie. Sorta wish he made more movies, though. Changed his name so he could stop playing nazis and start playing cold blooded scientists, which is what he did until he went into soap operas.


Screenplay Review – Transcendence

transcendenec Incidentally, anyone contemplating giving humans super-powers should read a short essay by J. Johnny Depp to Play Supercomputer”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All of the pitfalls inherent in this concept which there are many ofhe found ways around them. These are the kind of nuanced character issues you want to be setting up in every script!

After a firefight in a hotel room Max ends up holding a gun over one dead agent, one incapacitated agent, and transcenvence disarmed terrorist. As for the writer, Jack Paglen, this is his breakthrough script! The writer was just making whatever shit he liked up as he went transcrndence, trusting that most people are trained to accept without question whatever bullshit is packaged attractively and presented to them.

Would be curious to know how the story continues. I loved the transcenndence going on within Evelyn, how she knew Will was going too far, and that the right thing was to shut him down, but she loved him too much to do that. And if they fail, humanity is doomed.