Finite and Infinite Games has ratings and reviews. This book, along with James Carse’s, The Religious Case Against Belief, The Inner Game of. Library or Congress Cataloglng-In-Publlcatlon Data. Carse, James P. Finite and infinite games. Includes index. 1. Life. 2. Games-Symbolic aspects. 3. Religion. It’s an oddly written, extremely concise, very thought-provoking book. It definitely needs to be re-read times. Make sure you’re thinking on the plane of infinite.

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Without telling you which is which can you make a sensible case of either? I’m also convinced that the value of aphorisms has little to do with the aphorism itself, or whether it’s being employed by a good or bad actor, but whether it’s appropriate to the situation, whether it’s apt. Infinite games uames more mysterious — and ultimately more rewarding.

Look at how jamed United States has entered into an era of absolute tribal hatred. A machine is not a way of doing something; it stands in the way of doing something. As this rather simple idea developed there were unexpected features of play—especially competitive or finite play—that came into sudden view.

The first chapter of the book consisted of three sentences. And then there is stuff like this: In the end, perhaps you are merely a copy of an actor. Five stars implies that I agree with everything in jamfs book, which is not how I use stars. It is daunting to write a review of a book that almost causally overturns much of the conventional view of society and its attendant case.

Finite and Infinite Games

In both, “whoever plays, plays freely. Me If you enjoy continental philosophers, you may enjoy this. Carse, in his book Finite and Infinite Gamesoffers a perspective that names the two and helps you know when, how, and why to play each kind of game. Or merely an actor? History stopped with them.


Finite and Infinite Games | Book by James Carse | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

But I didn’t need to read this to come to that realization. That is, Master Players. For fniite, Carse will offer a challenging yet fascinating world view that enables them to grow with the book. Yet that very self-consciousness is a reminder that genuine communication is only achieved through vulnerability.

Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This philosophy is examining, analyzing and acknowledging the box, then “thinking outside the box”, and then realizing that even though you have stepped out of the box, you are still in another box, albeit a bigger more expanded box which still contains you and your subjective perception, as well as the box you were previously in.

See 1 question about Finite and Infinite Games…. I have, in fact, bought it in small numbers as a paperback and given it to close friends. Onl This book is about Carse’s personal philosophy, told in a uniquely striking way. What are we doing when we play—finitely or infinitely? Carse did not write his book as revolutionary theory far from itthe ideas he puts forth provide useful tools for conceiving what an anarchist revolution might be.

In fact, the features of play—finite and infinite—are essentially the same whether we are children playing jacks or soldiers caught up in a war between nations. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat They are unscripted and unpredictable; they are the source of true freedom.

Did President Putin bomb Syrian civilians cafse a long friendship with Assad, or was it a move to be the Master Player over his corner of the world? One could be called finite, the other infinite.

This book is about Carse’s personal philosophy, told in a uniquely striking way. How do they affect the ways we play our finite games?

Published August 12th by Ballantine Books first published The loss of function, the obstruction of an activity, cannot in itself destroy my health. So I was familiar with game theory in general, and thought I knew what these finite and infinite games must be, especially because Klein was dealing with political problems and situations in most of his podcast episodes.


So despite not actually liking this book, I have generously, and possibly mistakenly, granted it infinitte second star. Mar 01, Lee rated it it was amazing Recommended to Lee by: And here is another quote form the book “Such museums referring to New York’s principal museums are not designed to protect the art from people, but to protect the people from art.

Finite and Infinite Games

They have different characteristics such as in a finite game you assume a role, there are rules about the game that can’t change during the game, and the game can be won or lost, and there’s an audience.

Dec 28, Dec 11, Apio rated it really liked it Shelves: Or that which is represented? I guess it’s a decent Rorschach test in that regard. This is a shame ganes beneath the unending stream of aphorisms Carse clearly has some wisdom. Finite games, he shows, may offer wealth and status, power and glory, but infinite games offer something far more subtle and far grander.

I feel like in some sense the idea of pretty much every aspect of human society being gamez “game” can and does sound odd in the sense you’d mean when saying “It’s just a game”. Usually, the most interesting references steams from the least expected places. By nothing more than fingertip controls, a team of workers can cut a six-lane highway through mountains, or fill in wetlands to build shopping malls.