The Kindly Ones has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: “Please, mein Herr, shoot the children cleanly.”― Jonathan Littell, The Kindly OnesSu. Les Bienveillantes de Jonathan Littell a créé l’événement de la rentrée littéraire Selon l’auteur, la portée du roman dépasse le seul génocide des Juifs. 78 Myth, Morals, and Metafiction in Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes [ PM LA and Littell has asked his translators to use in each language the name under.

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Littell refuses to explain, saying that he himself is not sure what they signify, but that they felt essential when he wrote them: Any attempt to portray the perpetrators of the Holocaust as human, such as the recent film of Bernard Schlink’s book The Reader, provokes massive controversy.

The evil that ordinary men can do

As with the massacres, he is mostly an observer, the narrator rather than the combatant. My difficulty lay in reconciling the chilling, dispassionate voice of the narrator with the brutal and horrifying scenes he was witnessing. An intellectual steeped in philosophy, literature, and classical music, he is also a cold-blooded assassin and the consummate bureaucrat.

There is no absolute evil, banal or otherwise. Democracy also possesses littel cultural force necessary to turn evil into good through purely social sanctions.

The Kindly Ones, A Novel. Aue witnesses the tug-of-war between those who are concerned with war production Albert Speer and those who are doggedly trying to implement the Final Solution. He sits in her chair at her dressing table and then Una carefully makes up his face, combing his hair, applying lipstick. Any attempt to portray the perpetrators of the Holocaust as human, such as the recent film of Bernard Schlink’s book The Reader, provokes massive controversy.

Ideology can pitilessly transform an ordinary man into a killing machine and use it until this machine breaks. Your nation and ethos bjenveillantes around you?

The Kindly Ones

But these events are not fiction. Littell was finally given French citizenship. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally. Like a sadistic, bloodstained Forrest Gump, Aue bounces from einsatz aktions in the Caucuses there is a grim depiction of the massacre at Babi Yar littepl, to the winter hell of Stalingrad, to jonatham concentration camps of Auschwitz, and finally to Hitler’s bunker and the twilight of the gods.


Max is an intellectual steeped in philosophy, literature, and classical music. Again, one of the most evil tales ever told.

In the most extraordinary and beautiful passages of the book, Aue abandons himself to his fantasies and dreams, knowing that the Red Army may arrive at any moment and that he, in his SS uniform, would be shot on the spot. But how exactly do you descend into the depths of Nazi biennveillantes without littrll through gouts of madness, clumps of wickedness and wads of depravity?

Within months, Les Bienveillantes had soldcopies, had been welcomed by critics as the most important book for 50 years and had won the Goncourt and Femina prizes. Quotes from The Kindly Ones.

And, indeed, this book made me think like few books have. As a good number of readers have remarked once finishing this thousand pager, not an easy jonatthan, in many respects, a downright harrowing and horrifying read. Per me un libro cardine sull’argomento.

The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell

I read this book in its French original version – which is important, because many American reviews are harsh with the author’s writing style, and that may be due to the translation: Writing with the Devil.

But to read these elements as the basic character and most memorable aspects of the book is cher Most of what has been said in criticism of this book has deeply misrepresented it: Stupendous sums were paid for its foreign rights and it went on to sell more than a million copies across Europe.

And it’s even more disquieting.

He conducts a long interview with a captured Soviet commissar who led about to be shot. The thing is, even he wasn’t enough of a monster to fully appreciate them view spoiler [; the war machine around him combined with extreme physical trauma tormented his conscience into complete insanity hide spoiler ].


What this book does is make it impossible for us to dismiss the nazis as inhuman monsters we have nothing in common with.

Jonathan Littell – Les Bienveillantes – The Kindly Ones

The problem is not that people lose sight of morality, he finds, but that they try to make the best choices they can among lesser evils, and then those evils add up. The Kindly Ones purports littll offer jonqthan insight into the transformation of an ordinary young man into a Nazi monster.

And it’s true that Aue himself, along with the many historical figures our Nazi Zelig rubs swastikas with, many of them even more murderous than Aue, takes on larger-than-life proportions as both killer and sadomasochistic sexual practitioner. Max visits his sister and brother-in-law’s empty house in Pomerania. Hannah Arendt was right: He assists at the massacre of Babi Yar in Ukraine, in which nearly 34, Jews were murdered in two days.

It’s not just that Aue is led to Hitler’s bunker and does something completely ridiculous, it’s that in the final pages, all the main characters somehow meet each other. Only taken me 8 years to get to this novel. But this is also one of its problems because with its endless lists of SS officials and departments it often reads like a non-fiction book with a kind of Forest Gump narrator who always manages to gatecrash every pivotal moment of Nazi history.

Jun 24, Adam Nevill rated it it was amazing. Dec 17, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. It is a very unique novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But as Littell has stated, with his interest in Greek philosophy and his cold, ironic eye, Aue is an excellent prism through which historical events can be examined.