Results 1 – 17 of 17 A VIAGEM DO ELEFANTE by JOSÉ SARAMAGO and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. the 1 +1 = 1 Collection reinterprets the work A Viagem do Elefante (The Elephant’s Journey) of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago. Gifts for women, from the collection A Viagem do Elefante Vista Alegre. of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago, by David Almeida.

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By continuing to use our site, you consent to the use of these cookies. Saramago is very good at inventing keys, and with them, he opens a succession of doors in the narrative; I imagine him blithely doing the same throughout his life. They are not meant to be.

Estamos regidos por D. Fortunately, thanks to the inexhaustible generosity of the imagination, we erase faults, fill in lacunae as best we can, forge passages through blind alleys that will remain stubbornly blind, and invent keys to doors that have never had locks.

The story is of the King, what happens on the journey to the officers who escort the sara,ago and at the end saramao the journey, the Archduke. Jowe do not like such writing.

She has earned her money. If I had had to struggle through the reading myself, I am sure I would have given it less stars! I can just sit back and enjoy the content!

So far, the writing is charmingly amusing, sly and pointed and wonderful in it’s own right, never mind the story which I am also enjoying. Some of this information may be shared with our social networking, analytics and marketing partners.


Cookie use Vista Alegre requires the use of cookies for the normal process of use, as well as other functionalities that include traffic monitoring and promotional marketing. Videos About This Book. Solomon and his keeperSubhro, begin in dismal conditions, forgotten in a corner of the palace grounds.

It pains me a bit to give a Saramago book such a low rating, but of the seven of his that I’ve read, this was clearly the one I liked the least. This book is a feast of verbal treats from the end to the beginning where, like The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemanthe narrative opens with a conversation in a marital bed, a conversation in which a monarch worries that a fall from grace can come very swiftly There were two or three occasions on which I grinned at some aside, but little of what I had expected from the blurb trumpeting its extremely funny and witty reflections.

I’m afraid whatever subtlety and charm this novel supposedly has was lost on me. The shipping costs associated with each order are calculated on checkout, you may choose one the shipping methods given by TNT.

All suggestions, my Goodreads friends, are welcome. It was supposed to be a charming little novel Saramago was having some snacks at a saramqgo, when he noticed some engravings of an elephant on the walls. Our subhro enjoys his status, high above the army of accompanying soldiers like a capital on the top of a column.

Mar 16, Nuno Miguel rated elefantee it was amazing. This page was last edited on 21 Mayat O que eu gostei deste livro: Her intonations were perfect.

A Viagem do Elefante

A forma infantil mas pertinente co ele desmonta cada frase feita faz-me sempre sorrir. This has the clever effect of slowing the reader down, almost as a caesura in verse, making one concentrate more intently on how the language is deployed.


So far, fritz as subhro is called by the Austrians has been a vital character at every turn, be it dramatic or comic, even at the risk vo cutting a ridiculous figure whenever a pinch of elefantr ludicrous was felt to be necessary or merely tactically advisable for the narrative, putting up with humiliations without a word of protest or a flicker of emotion, careful not to let it be known that without him, there would be no one to deliver the goods, or in this case, to take the elephant to Vienna.

The animal is thus shown a certain respect and the limitations of the voice are clearly indicated: The end is both picaresque and that of a sarwmago tale. They brave the Alps and the terrifying Isarco and Brenner Passes ; they sail from Rosas across the Mediterranean Sea and later up the Saramato River elephants, it turns out, are natural sailors.

Mya It is on Goodreads. Maximillian arrogantly r This is the story of the book. A frase “O elefante caga, pois caga”, nunca surge no livro.

A Viagem do Elefante by José Saramago

That’s how affecting the writing is here. In the final analysis ‘The Elephant’s Journey’ feels like a fable, a story told and retold so many times jsoe its more fanciful notes fit right in with the elements of realism, and a moral sensibility that holds true from beginning to end. A Viagem do Elefante Vase.